Over 6 feet high and has more than 4500 pieces! Here is the link to my video Watch here

Step 1: Lifts and Path Switchers

Step 2: Halfpipe and Flipper

Step 3: Paths

Step 4: Giant Ball Dropper

<p>Wonderful! Amazing! Great! :D</p>
<p>really cool</p>
<p>Video is private! ooops!!</p>
You truly have a gift!! Keep up the good work. Future engineer right here in our town!!
This is AWESOME!!!!!!
Watch the video and read the description. Thanks for inspiration!
Thanks a lot :D
How comes this doesn't have that many views? This should have much more! To make up for that, I'll favorite this and subscribe; I'd love to see more ball machines like this! :3
I only put up this instructable yesterday(July 17) Thank you!
I know. I just see so many instructables that deserve to get more views. *sigh* :3
Nice job!
Nice job!

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