Galactic: a Knex Ball Track


Introduction: Galactic: a Knex Ball Track

Over 6 feet high and has more than 4500 pieces! Here is the link to my video Watch here

Step 1: Lifts and Path Switchers

Step 2: Halfpipe and Flipper

Step 3: Paths

Step 4: Giant Ball Dropper



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    Wonderful! Amazing! Great! :D

    Video is private! ooops!!

    You truly have a gift!! Keep up the good work. Future engineer right here in our town!!

    This is AWESOME!!!!!!

    Watch the video and read the description. Thanks for inspiration!

    How comes this doesn't have that many views? This should have much more! To make up for that, I'll favorite this and subscribe; I'd love to see more ball machines like this! :3

    2 replies

    I only put up this instructable yesterday(July 17) Thank you!

    I know. I just see so many instructables that deserve to get more views. *sigh* :3