Galantis No Money Face Paint


Introduction: Galantis No Money Face Paint

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Be the fiercest space animal you can be with this colorful face paint inspired by Galantis' "No Money" music video!

Step 1: Start With White

First, I started off with white all over the face.

I did this for three reasons

1) This will serve as a great based for your design.

2) This will avoid staining from certain pigments, especially with red, orange, and yellow paints.

3) This will help to make the colors pop out more! You can also use glitter powders to speed up your painting. Either way, the colors will pop out against a white base!

Step 2: Add Colors

Now, for the rainbow colors! I started with a Light Pink on the forehead, then going down the face, I used Orange, Yellow, and Light Green. Then, I finished with Light Blue along the jawline.

Step 3: Add Features Part 1

Now, I used black to color in the nose, eyelids and lips, as well as add lines to the corners of the lips, and spots on the forehead.

Step 4: Add Features Part 2

Then, I completed the look using the following colors:

I used Beach Berry for dots on the eyelids, and bridge of the nose, as well as stripes on the forehead. Then, I used Lagoon Blue, White, and Black for the fur lines, whisker holes, and simple whiskers. Then, I used more black for more dots on the eyelids with the red ones.

Step 5: Sorry, I Ain't Got No Money...

And that's all there is to it! Now, you can show off your moves with this fierce space cat inspired look. I always thought that this is a space cat, but it is actually a sea fox. But, believe me, it's the same thing!



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    BTW I love this song! Cool!