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Introduction: Galaxy Necklace - Cotton

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For this instructable I will be telling you how to make one of these Galaxy necklaces. I have two versions of this necklace. This one can be made by using a few simple items. So let's get on with the instructable.

Step 1: What You Will Need

For this project you will need;
-small glass bottles (like the ones on the photo above)
-three coloured markers
-cotton wool
-glitter glue

Step 2: Creating the Colours

For this step it's very simple, all you need to do is colour the cotton wool using the markers. I used black, purple and blue. I took a few pieces of the wool and coloured them in, you can colour as much cotton wool as you want but you just need enough to fill the small bottle.

Step 3: Add to the Bottle

Once you've coloured the cotton wool in fill the bottle up putting one piece in at a time. Make sure to add glitter glue and mix it with the wool on each layer. I put one black in first, added the glitter glue and then the colours, added more glitter glue and then put another black and also added the glitter glue on the top to show a typical Galaxy look.

Step 4: Putting the Lid on

Once you are happy with how it looks add the little cork on the top, I made sure to glue the lid on to make it extra secure.

My amazing boyfriend added a little metal hook that screwed in to the cork and then he added a rope for the necklace

Step 5: Finished Product

This is how my final product looked. I am extremely happy with it as you can see the glitter the represents the stars and the colours look vibrant.

I have another way to make these Galaxy bottles which I will post on another instructable, please make sure to like, vote or comment and also follow me to see more of my instructables. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

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    i did a lamp in the bottle :)

    Michaels sells a pack of 8 (I think) bottle necklaces in the jewelry department. They are already attached to necklaces

    You can get them at any craft store or online

    Haha I was about to say that. :) so yeah just be careful if you do this, maybe where gloves or something so it doesn't get on your hands

    You have also made Galaxy hands, two projects in obe ;)

    That's so cool! Did you have any problems with washing your hands afterwards??

    1 reply

    Yes, the markers were quite cheap so the ink came off quite easy, however they markers did stain my hands but as I mentioned it wasn't really a issue. On top of this, take into consideration that the ink will bleed through the cotton wool and onto your work surface. Also make sure to wash your hands directly after you use the ink.