Picture of Galaxy Playdough
Make a playdough that sparkles like a nightsky!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
2 cups of plain flour
2 cups of water with black and blue food coloring (you will need the large bottle of black food coloring for the deep color)
1 Tbsp. of cooking oil
1 Tbsp. cream of tartar
1 cup of salt

glitter - silver, purple, blue

(FYI: I found black food coloring in a large size at Big Lots - so I added the entire bottle!  I added a small bottle of blue food coloring.  It made the dough so deep and rich!)

My friend and I made it! We did it just like the instructions said and it turned out... like biscuits. It did NOT work. What else could we do? Go and make Kool-Aid play dough, or make slime find recipie at science bob.com

ZoeeeG7 months ago
Can you do it with blue food coloring and no black? They don't sell black food coloring here
ZoeeeG7 months ago
Can you do it with blue food coloring and no black? They don't sell black food coloring here
anna.kitney.5 made it!10 months ago

I couldn't wait to make it with my kids! The food colouring didn't stain our hands at all. I used 2 small bottles of black and 2 small bottles of blue. We kneaded in the glitter - you do need a lot for impact! So we then decided to pat a piece flat and sprinkle it on, then gently pat again. I had them insert semi-precious crystals and glass beads. Here's what the kids created (3 & 7years old)

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 22.35.16.pngScreen Shot 2014-10-03 at 22.35.38.pngScreen Shot 2014-10-03 at 22.35.59.pngScreen Shot 2014-10-03 at 22.36.29.pngScreen Shot 2014-10-03 at 22.36.18.png

I love this! :)

So making this! <3
bree.jay3 years ago
What temperature should the liquids be heated at?
jreeder3 years ago
With that much food coloring does it dye your hands when you start playing with it???

I wanna make some but don't want black dyed hands... hehe
ablasi jreeder3 years ago
The first pic, if you look close enough, there's coloring all over the fingertips. I'm guessing yes.
I would have thought that any food colouring would wash off quite easily. Can anyone with experience offer confirmation ?
It comes off very easy :) I used to dye myself green every St. Patrick's day (lotion and green food color). All you have to do is before you start make sure you moisturize your hands, and after you are done, just wash and dry your hands, then put more lotion on your hands again and rub it in, when you run out put more on. Then wash again. The only places I ever had to do this to was my elbows and knees, guess they were dry and sucked all the food color in :) I put it in my kiddos bath almost every night and it never stains, even the one night that somehow no one pulled the plug in the tub. :) Food color is your friend :)
No food coloring can be quite hard to wash off it does stain your hands pretty good.
Simple solution: disposable PVC gloves, available in pharmacies and supermarkets and hardware stores.
I made many wedding cakes and used food coloring to color the frosting, and it does take a couple of days for some of the darker colors to wash off. I am allergic to bleach, perhaps using bleach would get your hands back to normal quicker, I do not know.
O_o couldn't be further from the truth- sometimes it can take days before it comes off, even if you scrub.... it also stains clothes and most surfaces.
i cant wait to go to my dads and make this!!!!!
do you have to cook it over the stove?
kumiko3 years ago
Very cool! What is the purpose of cream of tartar?
the cream of tartar is to improve elasticity.ur welcome
chicopluma3 years ago
really original, i bet there isn`t playdoug like that at sale
so beautiful !!!!
mstyle1833 years ago
good luck.. very cool
oz5es3 years ago
I've got one problem. Could someone please tell me what "cream of tartar" is ? In my language "tartar" is raw meat (with very low fat) from cows, and i somehow doubt that is one of the ingrediences :o) Best regards oz5es.
lhouse oz5es3 years ago
Potassium Bitartrate, is the primary chemical, it is a white powdery stuff often found in the bottles after/during wine making and has found uses as a baking ingredient and making sodium/potassium tartrate or Rochelle Salt, a very good peizoelectric crystals.
oz5es lhouse3 years ago
Thanks a lot. I found out, that we call it "vinsten" in Danish, direct translated, it will be "winestone".
I'm sure my granddaughter will think i'm very cool, if i can make this playdough, specially if she gets to help me :o)
Have a nice day.
shebden13 years ago
I have never had stained hands from cooked playdough, but I have from an uncooked recipe that was just awful and went mouldy really quickly anyway, so I never made it again.
shebden13 years ago
I have made glitter playdough before and the glitter has stayed with the dough. Why are so many people anti-glitter? I have used it in playgroups and craft sessions and there are always those who hate it, make sure that they brush every bit off before they leave, complain that it gets into the carpet... it all comes out eventually, and I can think of heaps worse things to clean up! The only time that it ever worried me was when I discovered my newborn's belly button filled up with it, but it came out ion the bath. LOL
My first homecoming dance was in 2002, I somehow got glitter on my dress. I still own the dress, glitter and all. I despise glitter haha
Fairy Dust Teaching (author) 3 years ago
I have not had any staining issues to date. I always put a generous amount of food coloring in the playdough as it makes it more vibrant! I do the same thing with my red playdough.

The little girl's fingers you see in my photo have glitter on them as she was kneading in the glitter.

mycroft9993 years ago
My god...it's full of stars...
What a monolithically grand declaration!
I've been making homemade playdough for a few years and only used a few drops of food coloring. It has never stained our hands. I believe the glitter would actually stay in place and not come off. I'm definitely trying this one!
If you use cake dye instead of food coloring, it won't stain your skin (washes off with soap).
I'm so tempted to make this for my Scorpio husband, but glitter is the herpes of crafts supplies....
I need to know...Does the glitter get all over your hands when you play with the playdoh? I love glitter, but I hate how once you use it in the classroom it's with you forever.
Can't wait to make this today with my son. Heading out to Big Lots as we speak for the huge bottle of black food color.
crobson3 years ago
tinker2343 years ago
wow cool cant wait to make one or two with my cousins