Picture of Galaxy Playdough
Make a playdough that sparkles like a nightsky!
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Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
2 cups of plain flour
2 cups of water with black and blue food coloring (you will need the large bottle of black food coloring for the deep color)
1 Tbsp. of cooking oil
1 Tbsp. cream of tartar
1 cup of salt

glitter - silver, purple, blue

(FYI: I found black food coloring in a large size at Big Lots - so I added the entire bottle!  I added a small bottle of blue food coloring.  It made the dough so deep and rich!)

Step 2: Making the Playdough

Picture of Making the Playdough
Mix liquid ingredients in a large pan.
Begin to heat liquids.
In a separate bowl mix dry ingredients.  
Add to the heating liquids.  
Stir until the dough gathers and thickens.  
Cook until it gets that sheen to it.  
Let it cool slightly and then knead to bring proper consistency.  Store in plastic container.

Step 3: The Most Important Step!

Picture of The Most Important Step!
I put glitter on the table for the children to push into the playdough - creating the galaxy!  I used silver, purple and blue glitter.  Lots of it!!
I put glitter out every time we put dough out.  This added a fresh dash of sparkle.

Finally, I put out an assortment of items for the children to create little space scenes such as the glow-in-the-dark stars and large beads from the dollar stores.  For more photos, check out the link below:


bree.jay3 years ago
What temperature should the liquids be heated at?