Galaxy Print Shoes





Introduction: Galaxy Print Shoes

This is how it came out I hope you like it.

Step 1: Materials

- Black pair of shoes (Target $12)
- Anita's Acrylic paint; White,Blue,Purple (94 cents Hobby Lobby)
- Grocery bags (Optional)
- Small paint brush
- Toothbrush
- Sponge
- Bleach 

Step 2: Bleach

First your gonna want to take off the shoe laces. Spray the bleach as much as you like, tho If your like me I would recommend more because you can always cover it up later with the paint.

Step 3: Paint

1. Before you start painting its a good idea to put plastic bags inside the shoe so that it dosent cave in while your paining. Then cover any part you dont want painted with tape. 
2. With your sponge gradually dab on paint until you get the desired affect
3. When your done with that use a toothbrush to spray white paint (It should look like stars)
4. Then use a small paint brush to make exploding stars or supernovas 

Step 4: All Done!

And that's it your all done. I hope this was helpful, If not I'll be happy to answer any questions.



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your techniques helped me make these, thanks :)


Very Creative! Love the supernova! :]

wearable art ! they look great

Thank you so much, you've made my day