Galaxy Resin 3D Swirl Bracelet


Introduction: Galaxy Resin 3D Swirl Bracelet

Hi all! In this video, you will see how I create a galaxy themed 3D glitter swirl in a resin cabochon. These cabochons can be used to decorate anything, but I use it on an antiqued metal cuff bracelet. If you dont follow the steps I take precisely, as far as curing, just wait for your cabochon to cure completely after 24 hours, sand it smooth, and glue onto your bracelet/findings. This swirling method can take some practice and timing will depend on your brand of resin so experiment and have some fun with it! Thanks for watching and remember to craft happily ever after!!!

"Cute" -
"Aware" - Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds: Kontinuum - Aware [NCS Release]

Step 1: Watch Full Video Tutorial

Thanks for watching!!!



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    These look awesome! Love the colors you used and the glitter :)