Galaxy Toilet Bombs


Introduction: Galaxy Toilet Bombs

try these toilet bombs, and refresh your toilet.

Step 1: You Need

1 cup baking soda

1/4 cup citric acid

1 tablespoon dish wash liquid (lemon for aroma)

pink , blue neon colors

Step 2: Mix Your Dry Ingredients

add citric acid to baking soda

Step 3: Add Dish Wash Liquid

add liquid drop by drop until u reach the consistency of wet sand. to make sure your mixture is not fizzing. keep the mixture in your fist and hear if it sounds of fizzing next to your ear. if it does alot and mixture expands in your hand, you need to start over.

Step 4: Colour Your Mixture

make purple , blue and pink

Step 5: Assemble

Step 6: Demo



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