Gallium Wonder Woman Spinner





Introduction: Gallium Wonder Woman Spinner

Hello everyone, here is my second instructable so I am pretty excited to share it with you. I made a Wonder Woman spinner with gallium. I think it turned out pretty cool and was actually really well balanced so I hope you try to make your own :)

Step 1: Watch Video Demonstrating the Final Result and the Making Process

Step 2: Flatten Some Play-Doh Until You Obtain a Block With Uniform Thickness (about 1cm Thick)

Step 3: Print the Wonder Woman Logo in the File Attached and Place It on Top of the Play-Doh

This is the Wonder Woman logo I used to make my spinner. I placed the image on a Word document and scaled it so that it had it would have similar dimensions to the original spinner. Using an utility knife, cut through the logo and the Play-Doh so that you can carve out the logo onto the Play-Doh.

Step 4: Use the Utility Knife to Remove the Exceeding Play-Doh

Step 5: Place the Ball Bearing and Remove Extra Play-Doh

Try to remove the Play-Doh around the ball bearing to add extra rigidity to the design.

Step 6: Melt the Gallium and Use a Syringe to Collect the Metal

Step 7: Pour the Gallium in the Play-Doh Mold

To speed up the solidification process, place the Play-Doh and Gallium in the freezer for 20 min.

Step 8: Remove Play-Doh Mold

Step 9: Optional: Add Spinner Caps to the Spinner and Enjoy :)

Thanks for checking out the project :)



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    looks good. I know how hard it is to work with metal. How well does it spin

    thanks ? in the video you can see it spin in real time. I got it spinning for about a min to a min and 20 seconds, not bad considering the shape wasn't symmetrical

    Neat! Wouldn't you have to worry about melting the metal if you held onto the spinner too long, though?

    Yeah that is correct. I used it for like 15 min and then put it back in the freezer for a few min. It isn't as functional as other spinners but it allows people and kids to see how casting metals works without having to work at high temperatures