Picture of Gallows Bird Feeder
A Hangman Style Bird Feeder and a seedy bread type victim. Made from oddments from around the house.

Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
Finding all the parts was fairly simple. Using a few scrap pieces of wood, some garden twine and basic hand tools.
roballoba1 year ago
I love feeding the birds... this is cool! the seed man is great!
AZApple1 year ago
Gave me a good giggle. Pretty funny and functional, too!
microbike5 years ago
Love it!
i wonder if you could make one with a guy bungee jumping?
mowie6 years ago
my mcaw put its hear thru the hole when i was out
Valche7 years ago
Hahaha, I love it. If anyone gives you grief for it being "non-PC", just tell them it's Guy Fawkes, haha.
spylock7 years ago
You could get hasseled about a noose nowdays,Id be careful,a P.C. neighbor might call the fuzz,it is a good project though and I think Ill make one.
Scurl!9 years ago
i work in a resteraunt, and we toss the butts to our loaves, i think i'm going to save them all and try to make the bodies with those, maybe a little water & flour to stick them together better. then i'll put up a whole bunch of these in our parks....i'm only worried about peoples possible perception that there's a racial element involved.... but i would enjoy watching people walk by a tree with about 50 of these hanging from it....
Wait I think I hear Al sharptons motorcade pulling up .
Kaiven8 years ago
lol i might try this...we get birds often by our feeder, so i could build this and hang him by it :P
--Thatguy--8 years ago
Thats pretty cool, im getting birds soon so im looking on here for some cool ideas(like all other things i want good ideas for) maybe you could have a pole going right up to the top of the head just not coming out and bending back a bit so the head can't slip right off and the body falls off with a pole-head. Nice instructable!
colin9 years ago
Totally awesome. I'd love to see a pic of a bird pecking away at it. Another cool project would be to make a similar sculpture but designed for hummingbirds. Create a body out of clear plastic with puncture wounds that the hummingbirds can suck red "blood" out of.
BoTz9 years ago
Kinda strange but very cool.
That's very cool!