Picture of Gallows Bird Feeder
A Hangman Style Bird Feeder and a seedy bread type victim. Made from oddments from around the house.
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Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
Finding all the parts was fairly simple. Using a few scrap pieces of wood, some garden twine and basic hand tools.

Step 2: Gallows Construction

Picture of Gallows Construction
3 pieces of wood are needed for the gallows. We glued the parts and then screwed them together for extra strength. We get some big birds around here! Counter sinking the screws allows us to hide them later using magical wood filler.

Step 3: Finishing the Frame

Picture of Finishing the Frame
We filled the small gaps and screw holes with wood filler and sanded it all down. We also sanded the frame with a sanding drum to give it a worn apperence.

Then the entire frame was stained. Our prefered choice of colour was 'Jacobean Oak'. A small eyelet was then added at the end of the top beam for our noose to attach to.

Step 4: Noose

Picture of Noose
The noose was made using brown garden twine. A single strand looked a bit flimsy, so 3 strands were platted together to form a more proportioned rope. There are plenty of guides on the net that describe tying a noose in far more detail than we could present here, so that bit isn't shown.

Step 5: The Victim

Picture of The Victim
Our sacrificial doughboy was construsted using a simple mix of flour, water and mixed bird seed. We used 200g self-raising flour, 50g bird seed and 175ml of water. The ingredients were mixed into a firm, springy dough and a string 'skeleton' was created to add strength and help bind the various body parts together.

Each part was rolled/shaped by hand and then assembled around the string skeleton on a lightly greased baking tray. The little guys were then baked in a pre-heated oven of around 250C/Gas Mark 9 so that they hardened quickly and kept their shape. They took about 20 minutes to cook evenly.
roballoba1 year ago
I love feeding the birds... this is cool! the seed man is great!
AZApple1 year ago
Gave me a good giggle. Pretty funny and functional, too!
microbike5 years ago
Love it!
i wonder if you could make one with a guy bungee jumping?
mowie6 years ago
my mcaw put its hear thru the hole when i was out
Valche7 years ago
Hahaha, I love it. If anyone gives you grief for it being "non-PC", just tell them it's Guy Fawkes, haha.
spylock7 years ago
You could get hasseled about a noose nowdays,Id be careful,a P.C. neighbor might call the fuzz,it is a good project though and I think Ill make one.
Scurl!9 years ago
i work in a resteraunt, and we toss the butts to our loaves, i think i'm going to save them all and try to make the bodies with those, maybe a little water & flour to stick them together better. then i'll put up a whole bunch of these in our parks....i'm only worried about peoples possible perception that there's a racial element involved.... but i would enjoy watching people walk by a tree with about 50 of these hanging from it....
Wait I think I hear Al sharptons motorcade pulling up .
Kaiven8 years ago
lol i might try this...we get birds often by our feeder, so i could build this and hang him by it :P
--Thatguy--8 years ago
Thats pretty cool, im getting birds soon so im looking on here for some cool ideas(like all other things i want good ideas for) maybe you could have a pole going right up to the top of the head just not coming out and bending back a bit so the head can't slip right off and the body falls off with a pole-head. Nice instructable!
colin9 years ago
Totally awesome. I'd love to see a pic of a bird pecking away at it. Another cool project would be to make a similar sculpture but designed for hummingbirds. Create a body out of clear plastic with puncture wounds that the hummingbirds can suck red "blood" out of.
BoTz9 years ago
Kinda strange but very cool.
That's very cool!