Introduction: Galoshes From Inner Tubes and ATV Tire Tread

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These are galoshes - of sorts.  I use them for wearing inside on the outside of my rain boots.  But you could just as easily use them for outside wear if water is less of a daily concern for you.  You see, I live in a rain forest.  We get around 10 feet of rain a year.  So wearing rubber boots is an almost daily occurrence.  And taking off your shoes at the door is necessary.  Everyone does it here. 

But if you're working outside and need to dash inside for a tool, a drink, to go to the bathroom... well, these are great to slip on when you walk in the door!  Or, if you just need to dash out on a rainy day to take out the trash or get something from the car these are the ticket too!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

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You'll need:
  • A non-steel belted tire from an ATV
  • A bicycle inner tube - probably about a 2 inch diameter one
  • Utility knife
  • Scissors
  • A sewing awl with thick cord
  • Binder clips or something similar to hold materials in place

Step 2: Cut Out the Soles

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Using an aggressive tread like this for an "indoor" sole is definitely overkill.  It will take me lifetimes to wear them out.  But what's neat is that they dish just right to contain any water from the shoe you wear inside these.  Because of the shape of the wheel it will cause a bowl to form so you won't just be splattering your wetness through the house as you dash inside for the 9/16 inch socket.  (No matter how much you swear that bolt was only 1/2 inch.  Maybe it was metric.  Yeah - that's a good excuse.)

Use a utility knife to cut a pair of soles wide and long enough to put your biggest boots on top of.  If you can fit your foot perpendicular to the normal use of the tire it curves very nicely for the roll of a foot. 

Looks like i can get exactly six pairs of these out of this one tire!

Step 3: Cut Inner Tube Pieces

Picture of Cut Inner Tube Pieces

Cut the inner tube near the valve stem and then cut along a line that is in the interior of the tube.  Now cut off a few pieces to either form the sides of the galoshes.  You can do a half-shoe like I did or the entire side for a more weather-proof version. 

Step 4: Start Stitching

Picture of Start Stitching

If you have never used a sewing awl before they can be a little tricky.  There are some great videos on YouTube such as this one.    depending on the brand of your sewing awl will depend on the directions you should follow.

Step 5: Trim Extra Inner Tube

Picture of Trim Extra Inner Tube

Once you have one of the side panels in you can trim away the extra inner tube from the inside using your scissors.  Repeat for the other side and the center seam.  Now make one for the other foot!

Step 6: Tips

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A few strong binder clips or small clamps will be helpful in shaping the tire and tube.  Don't be too afraid to pull out stitching and try over if you don't like the progress.  My first one i made with two side panels and a top piece.  It ended up far too loose.  So I modified my plan to a much tighter fit.  Also, stitching with the awl on the inside of the shoe is much easier - especially with the second side.  Otherwise, a pair of needle-nose pliers might keep you from poking many holes in your fingers!

Step 7: Try Them Out!

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omnibot (author)2010-11-14

That's some funky shoes.

Jthoms (author)omnibot2016-04-15

what are those

adial1 (author)2012-12-14

This is What we all need here in Alberta:)

mista.v (author)2010-11-21

Actually, steel belted tires can be used for things like this, you just have to pull the steel wire out with needlenose pliers after cutting the sole bit.

sekitori (author)mista.v2012-10-30

Are you sure that'll work, pulling the steel wires out ?

Looks to me like these are embedded in the rubber of the tire and won't come out that easy.

Might depend on the length you'd want to pull, though...

danunity (author)2011-06-07

hey these are proper keep up the creativity

bajablue (author)2011-05-28

These are awesome!!!!!

falessandrini (author)2011-05-20

these shoes are so called in Italy... Ciocie
zone on south of Lazio called Ciociaria

sunshiine (author)2011-05-18

I had to stop in and see this page again. This is my favorite of all the ones that I have seen great job!

jrcq (author)2011-02-24


Ulrich453 (author)2011-01-03

The Vietnamese actually had this kind of sandal back in the Vietnam war

dcrrcdx2 (author)2010-12-04

Very smart! i could'nt even count how often i need to nip in and get something when i'm working outdoors! will get right on them!

wobbler (author)2010-11-30


brabantia (author)2010-11-30

Nice! And I like your kitchen too!

onrust (author)2010-11-25

And it was just the other day (even in Arizona) I wished I had a pair of Xtra-Tuff. Nice addition and hey, how about some foul weather click ins? lol

Burnsides (author)2010-11-20

Awesome Stewed Opossum!

catsnw (author)2010-11-17

I want to try this with some mud grips!

blkhawk (author)2010-11-16

A Vietnam veteran once told me that this is the way the Vietcong would built their sandals while the US spent $40.00 in every pair of boots for the soldiers.

zieak (author)blkhawk2010-11-16

I bought a pair of sandals in Indonesia that had motorcycle tire tread as the sole. It will take me a really long time to wear that sole down!

erfrusy (author)2010-11-16

That's why I love Instructables! Excellent and cheap ideas! Thanks for sharing.

zieak (author)erfrusy2010-11-16


sunshiine (author)2010-11-15

That is what I needed to make my purse! Love the ible!

zieak (author)sunshiine2010-11-16

Thank you!

sharlston (author)2010-11-15

Great instructable,but why did you put that comment selling a awl when he was commenting on tyres and tubes?

zieak (author)sharlston2010-11-15

That's a neat glitch. I posted three different comments and apparently they were all changed to that one!

scraptopower (author)zieak2010-11-15

It happens when they change something in the matrix :)

Thanks, I'll keep looking.

mikeasaurus (author)2010-11-14

Great 2-piece design, simplicity at it's best.
I like how high up you are on those beefy treads.

zieak (author)mikeasaurus2010-11-15

Thank you. They sure are a huge tread!

scraptopower (author)2010-11-15

This is so cool. I want to make them but I can't get these tyres or tubes anywhere ! I'll have to keep looking!

zieak (author)scraptopower2010-11-15

If you're not ever able to find some of the tread I can probably get some to you.

bodie (author)2010-11-15

Awesome reuse. Love it! Where can I find an awl like that? It looks like a giant sewing machine needle. I have wished for something like that a time or two but didn't really know they existed.

zieak (author)bodie2010-11-15

Thank you!  Your local craft store can order one for you or you can do a search for "sewing awl" at some online retailers. Here's a link to one being sold by Tandy Leather.

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