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Having a reasonably un/healthy obsession with industria and vintage industrial decor, I found it hard to stop thinking about the Kozo lamps by Anat & David Shefa. I just had to have one!!! But budgets being budgets and me being me, there would never have been any other way. I had to just make them myself. So I went down to the local hardware store and grabbed:

5x - 15mm elbows
4x - 15mm male/male spacers
3x - 15mm tee pieces
2x - 15mm x 100mm tube
1x - 15mm x 200mm tube
1x - 15mm x 400mm tube
1x - 15mm female to 20mm female reducer
1x - 20mm male to 25mm male reducer
1x - 25mm elbow
1x - 25mm male to 20mm female reducer

knead it epoxy putty

lamp for parts (i used the cheapest halogen i could buy)
make sure the fitting you're pulling out of the lamp will fit into the elbow to the lamp head

all the assembly is pretty straight forward.
i won't get into all the wiring details. they're pretty straight forward but if you don't know how to do it, i'm not getting blamed when you zap yourself using my instructions!
i had to cut down the length of the 25mm male to 20mm female reducer with an angle grinder so that the fitting would sit nice and snug behind it, all held in place in the big elbow with the knead it epoxy putty.

since photographing this i have added a silver toggle switch in the middle t piece and changed the cord to a silver cloth covered number from sundialwire as white plastic doesn't really do it for me.

i put together a time lapse video of the build at -


Charlie123456 (author)2011-12-16

On the 6th line of what you collected at the hardware store did you get 1x - 12mm x 400mm tube or 1x - 15mm x 400mm tube? I want to try and make this lamp but i don't know how a 12mm x 400mm tube fits in. (i assume this is the tube connected to the light)

rubbit (author)Charlie1234562011-12-17

hi there, sorry that should be 1x (15 x 400)
all the tubing should be the same diameter.

Charlie123456 (author)2011-12-17

Thank you for sharing how you made this lamp. I have just finished making one and it looks great and was easy to assemble. For anyone planing on making one in Australia, i bought the metal tubing and a transformer with a power cord attached at Bunnings and a light with a cord to attach to the transformer at beacon lighting.

javajunkie1976 (author)2011-06-05

What's the conversion to the American measurements? If I were to make this, I'd make it out of brass, copper and add a few gear and such. This would be great for a Steampunk project.

10mm.=1 inch

hope this helps

rlm98253 (author)alhowell132011-07-07

Sorry, alhowell13, that will not be of much help.

25.4 mm = 1 inch

Also, how do you run the power cord out of the base of the T-joint? Do you drill the T-joint? I would change the halogen light to a 3watt LED and add a lightshade. The LED will cut down on the power usage and the shade would look nice.

rubbit (author)javajunkie19762011-06-07

sorry mate, don't know what the conversions to imperial would be. but i wouldn't take the measurements too seriously, they're just there as a rough guide.

if you're after a copper brass one 'mlocke' has a great guide

if you check out the youtube link of the time lapse you can see me drilling a hole in the bottom of the centre piece, but it can go anywhere, even out the bottom of one of the feet.

javajunkie1976 (author)rubbit2011-06-07

Cool, thanks. Funny, when I saw your screen name, I thought it said "rabbit." : )

Joobs (author)2011-05-27

Does anyone know where you can get this kind of pipe in the UK?

leftfootleashed (author)Joobs2011-06-04

Try Toolstation (usually cheaper) or Screwfix (more choice)

SHIFT! (author)2011-06-01

This would go great for a Steam Punk Luxo Jr!

neuropol (author)2011-06-01

Great lamp! The only thing I'd change if I were making it would be to double up the elbows on the stem. That would give more articulation and allow better aiming for the light. That might be getting away from the look you were going for, though. Either way it looks great. Good Job.

CaseyCase (author)2011-05-27


rubbit (author)CaseyCase2011-05-27


CaseyCase (author)rubbit2011-05-27

Hail victory! The spelling Nazi has been appeased!

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