Step 4: Step 4: Punch Holes in Paper

Stack your sets of paper together and mark out where you are going to punch the holes. The take your needle without thread and punch the hole where they were marked. Watch your fingers while punching the holes.
<p>What a timely find. I just found 5 childhood games</p>
I like it i made one for my dad (i used his original version board of dungeons and dragons cause he has 10 of them) and of course one for me.
do you have any pictures of them?
NOPE <br>
This is an amazing instructable! Very easy to follow... I have a Monopoly board that just may end up becoming one of these books.
&nbsp;awesome! i like it.
Creative idea, great and clear instructions, this is an awesome instructable!
Beautiful sewing!<br/>I can't wait to make this =)<br/>
It's these sort of re-use projects that I like the most. Really nice work.
And it's not even Clue<strong>do</strong> - good reuse of the board!<br/><br/>L<br/>
Nice use of materials. Lots of good photos and instructions. Good job!

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