Game Boy Bivert/Biversion Mod DIY





Introduction: Game Boy Bivert/Biversion Mod DIY

This modification will improve the contrast of your LCD for your original Game Boy DMG. Add a backlight to complete this mod anf illuminate your screen!

Note: Installing this mod without a backlight will invert your screen.



• Tri-wing screwdriver
• Phillis jewelers screw driver
• Bivert Chip (get yours here)
• Optional but suggested back light (get yours here)
• Razor blade
• 28 gauge wire
• Soldering Iron (~40watts)
• Solder
• Helping Hands (if you need it)
• Hot Glue


Step 1:

Start by orienting your bivert chip as shown in the photos. Locate and number reach contact. Prepare 6 wires of about 3 inches long. Strip and tin the tips to prepare for soldering. Tinning the wires is a must for this mod, it will make the precise soldering much easier for later.

Now cut two leads on the PCB between numbers 1 and 3, and then numbers 2 and 4. Be careful when cutting. Do not ever any other leads.

Solder the 6 wires to the PCB and prepare to solder them to the bivert chip. Match the numbers as shown in the pictures. This step can be hard to do. Stabilize the chip and use a very small amount of solder. Do not heat the chip too long as this can damage it. Use a small brushing motion as not to connect the tightly spaces pins.

Step 2:

Once you have soldered all the wires correctly, place some hot glue on the chip to keep them for disconnecting. This provides more protection for the fragile connections.

Unscrew the PCB and wrap the wires and chip around to the back to hide it away. Now hot glue the wires connecting to the PCB so that they stay in place. Close up your DMG or continue to mod you LCD with a backlight to complete this mod!

See the back light mod here!

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I want to make this on my backlight gb pocket is it. But i guess the connections are diffrent. Anyone know how to connect it to a gb pocket?

I followed this tutorial and it ended up with the display missing shades of grey. Turns out that I had accidentally swapped pins 2 and 4. Upon fixing it worked flawlessly!

I installed the bivert chip which i get from my local store. Wow! It was so bad the image was blur and jumpy. Can't even play. Feel like a tv set with a very bad receiving. What's went wrong? Is the bivert chip sold to me was in correct?

Make sure to get the right part number. Any old bivert chip isnt compatible.

Thanks. I will purchase from your store after cleaning bills.


Can anyone help me? Where can i buy polarized film for DMG? Can iphone polarized film as a substitute? has them

Do we keep the levels of shading after this dual inversion has been added or does the increase in contrast mean all pixels are either full strength or off?