Game Boy Color Teardown





Introduction: Game Boy Color Teardown

A few years ago I took apart my Game Boy Color, but didn't do anything with it. I thought by posting this maybe someone can use this information. I might, if I get the time, do something with my Game Boy Color, but until then, here is the slideshow. I took these pictures with a decent camera, so I hope you like it!

This is also posted, with extremely high-quality pictures, on my blog.



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    I have the exact same color Gameboy color

    i have 3 gameboy advanced sp

    OMG! i have the exact gameboy color as that! Its somewhere around here anyway... have 2 gameboy advance SP's now... dnt ask how... plus ds lite, ps2 and wii.

    honestly i dont see a point to your comment as it simply sounds like bragging... if you left it as "OMG! i have the exact gameboy color as that! Its somewhere around here anyway... " it would have been a very funny comment and i would have said that... anyhow, hope your enjoying all your stuff. cheers.

    Theoretically, yes, but it wouldn't be of much use. You would have to get/make your own driver circuit.

    i really, really need to fix my "A" button, where did you find the screw driver for it??

    I just had a slightly chipped flathead lying around and used that. It stripped the screws a bit, but got the job done when I put enough pressure on it. You could look on ebay for a "tri-wing screwdirver." You should only have to pay a few dollars for it. You could also look elsewhere, just use Google (Nintendo tri-wing screwdriver). They open Nintendo devices easily.