Picture of Game Boy Dress
No playing, this Game Boy dress is easy to make, and just perfect for Halloween.

So press pause on Tetris, and get out your sewing machine, because it's time to build this thing!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this dress, you'll need a gray fabric for the base, as well as some black, green/shiny gray, red, and light gray for all the buttons and borders. I ended up using a lot of scraps I had around already.

A key part of this dress is how stretchy it is. Be sure to get fabric that's got some give to it, so your dress will fit snuggly.

Step 2: Prepare the dress

Picture of Prepare the dress
First, take your stretchy gray fabric that you'll be using for the base of your dress. We're sewing this to have 1 seam down the back, so to measure of width (and just get a rough estimate - you can tweak later) wrap the dress around you and cut.

I'm 5' 10", and so after accounting for the black borders and hemming, cut my dress to be 37" long, and this can obviously be toyed around with for your own.

After you have cut out this rectangle of gray, pin in a small hem and set aside. No sewing quite yet.
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HERO Terraria4 months ago
Are your nipples hard in that picture?
Rhowryn1 year ago

Great gift for female friends. Super creepy comment section though.

baecker03 Rhowryn5 months ago
I've been noticing a trend unfortunately
kevenr171 year ago


Well if this doesn't bring back memories xD The SNES came out when I was like, 10, and I remember my brother playing it all the time! (I would have played too, but he never let me ^^;;) This is so cute!
164052 years ago
I'd play her all night...

Hahaha but on a serious note, this is an awesome project! Great Job!
PitStoP2 years ago
Game Boy or Game Girl? ; )
bengrace2 years ago
i love you dress also you are a verry verry good looking woman :)
mohamed1002 years ago
wooooooooooooow u r very beautiful girl :D
garan2 years ago
This reminds me more of The Warp Zone's video.
n0rthstar2 years ago
I am surprised no one has said "I wouldn't mind pressing her buttons" yet.
KingPeter2 years ago
thats epic
Do NOT wear this to anything that ends in 'con'. You've been warned. This is a great idea. I'm going to borrow heavily from it.
55deno2 years ago
What's in it for me?!! :)
You should make the screen bit see through ;P
Schmidty162 years ago
cute dress aww u cant see through the screen
You are very pretty!
Lei_Kei2 years ago
Halloween? Heck! I'm going to wear this to homecoming!
did you know that this was on smosh.
are you friends with them or something?
water rat3 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
^Ha, jealousy. I for one am now stoked to make this for Halloween!
2xlbu4u3 years ago
Plz do a Wii Remote next.. then Nyan Cat...People don't have to know what they really are. They will look stunning and totaly Haute couture
uptight3 years ago
a very pretty model helps in the sucess od the dress
uptight uptight3 years ago
i wanna play this game
rifakungen3 years ago
I Really like the look of the game cartridge! ;D
Nice software!
Actualy it looks a bit more like a game GIRL...

Well done.
baldmosher3 years ago
The gray material for the body should clearly be beige!! Which would in fact make this dress insta-boring, albeit geekily accurate.
Simply breath taking. Three minutes later I realized this was for the dress.
kevinice163 years ago
You are so cute !
azreen3 years ago
Dear kazmataz...
Simply ... mind blowing.
you are rocking
agis683 years ago
cool...but than a black screen i prefer a game Mario, or Gorilla
rifakungen3 years ago
OMFG!! that is SO good looking! totally perfect! nicely done! ;)
Spydamonky3 years ago
Looks HORRIBLE! Take it off :)
But seriously, very cool!
fidibiri3 years ago
Nerdie Geek is the new Sexy!
ildegiron3 years ago
Does it have an on/off switch? How many built in games?

Nice idea!
dronex3 years ago
Great anytime, but also for Halloween! Very nice!
nfangora3 years ago
While making this, you should listen to the Freezepop song 'I am not your gameboy'....too perfect...
DrHoppe3 years ago
I've never wanted to play a Gameboy more than I do now. Thanks! Good work on the costume too.
Doonular3 years ago
And here I thought I didn't like video games... I could play that one 24/7 ;-)

That is a cool dress though :-) Nice job.
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