Step 6: Complete the Screen

Taking the lighter gray fabric, fashion it into a square in this same way. I was aiming to have an 11"x11" square to border the 9"x9" screen.

After this light gray is all set, take your screen and, using Steam-A-Seam along the edges, steam it to it's border.

Use some chalk, and more formally sketch out the marks on the dress where you want your screen. When it's all set do the same thing, and use Steam-A-Seam along the edges and iron the completed screen to your dress.
<p>this would look weird on me</p>
<p>Awesome costume </p>
<p>HELLA AWESOME!!!!</p>
Well if this doesn't bring back memories xD The SNES came out when I was like, 10, and I remember my brother playing it all the time! (I would have played too, but he never let me ^^;;) This is so cute!
This reminds me more of The Warp Zone's video.
Halloween? Heck! I'm going to wear this to homecoming!
Plz do a Wii Remote next.. then Nyan Cat...People don't have to know what they really are. They will look stunning and totaly Haute couture <br>
Great anytime, but also for Halloween! Very nice!
While making this, you should listen to the Freezepop song 'I am not your gameboy'....too perfect...<br>http://youtu.be/ewOToS0fxb8
This gamegirl is my niece. She is as smart as she is beautiful. Make the dress.
Aww thanks Aunt Lois!
I will be making one of these to wear year-round. Who needs Halloween. I am a geek 365!
Rad dress!<br />If you wore this to a party and brought poptart/cartridge-goodies to give away I think my brain would explode.
super cute!
Also Inspired Carleyy
Awesome dress. I actually know people who would just wear that to wear that. <br>

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