Introduction: Game Boy Tutorial: Repair Dead Vertical Lines


gamesngadgets (author)2015-08-28

I've repaired countless Game Boys and have never needed to apply solder to the iron. To anyone else attempting this, you can actually repair it 9/10 times without even touching the display, just move the tip of the iron side to side over the affected area while being as close as possible, the iron is generally hot enough to melt the solder underneath without contact. In the event you need to touch it just run it lightly over the area, don't stay in one spot for long.

asmretro (author)gamesngadgets2015-09-13

500+ repairs here and counting! We never said it was required - but it helps. It aids in even distribution of heat.

The flat flex cable is rated for very high temperatures. There's really no reason to not apply the soldering iron directly to it. It can more than withstand the heat.

rmurphy27 (author)2015-06-02

Where are the instructions?

gamesngadgets (author)rmurphy272015-08-28

They just have a video

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