Picture of Game Day Dress
Ever want a simple, stylish alternative to the regular old game day t-shirt? This game day dress is made from t-shirts of your choosing so you can still support your team while looking cute!

You Will Need:
A sewing machine
2 XL T-shirts of desired team
2 Elastic bands size 1 in x 1-1/4 Yards
1 Soft tape measure
1 Box of sewing pins
1 Safety Pin
1 Spool of Thread same color as t-shirts
1 Fabric Pencil
1 Pair of Scissors

In this example, there are two different colors of shirts used to distinguish between the bodice and the skirt. The red shirt will be referred to as T-Shirt 1 and the yellow shirt will be referred to as T-Shirt 2.

*Before starting, wash and dry the t-shirts if they are new. This will prevent any shrinkage after the dress is completed.
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Step 1:

Picture of
Lay both T-Shirt 1 and T-Shirt 2 flat on the ground and use the scissors to cut all four of the sleeves off. Use one hand to cut and the other to hold the fabric flat. It is best to cut just inside the seam of the sleeve.

Next cut the shirts all the way across the top seam of the shoulders, cutting off the crew neckline as well.

Caution : Be sure to keep the fingers of the hand holding the t-shirt flat out of the way while cutting.

Step 2:

Picture of
Now, with the shirts still flat on the ground, cut the t-shirts all the way up the sides so you end with two completely separate pieces for each shirt.

Choose which t-shirt you would like as the bodice of the dress and set the other three pieces of the shirts aside for later. In this example the front of T-Shirt 1 will be used to make the bodice.
What a great way to make use of what is already partly sew :) It looks great. So cute!