Game Day Drinks

We know beer is the king of football, but why not offer your guests some fun party drinks this year? Spiked or soft, hot or cold, we've got some festive drinks to put you in the spirit! Try your hand at a new cocktail or mocktail this weekend. And since you know at least someone's only there for the commercials, you've got an instant mixologist during game-time!

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Recipe for a Caipirinha cocktail - the famous cachaca drink from Brazil style
My version of the Caipirinha cocktail: delightfully refreshing and powerfully alcoholic drink based on cachaca.
How To Make The Flaming Dr. Pepper! style
A Popular Party Drink That Tastes Just Like The Soda. Check It Out!I have no idea how this works.. its magic really.. some kind of voodoo im guessing.But anyway if you mix these 3 alcoholic beverag...
Sake Bomb style
Are you of legal drinking age? Want to join the hipster social drinking scene? Sake bombs are fun to make and exciting to drink. Additionally, this is a great way to get rid of bad sake. We had a sake...
Mexican Martini style
I was first introduced to the Mexican Martini at Trudy's in Austin, Texas. Since then, I've been a die hard fan of the Margarita's more complex big sister, plus I adore that it comes garnished with ol...
How to Make the Perfect Mojito! style
With summer just around the corner, what could be more perfect than a refreshing beverage on a hot summer night...or day for that matter. Whether you're having a barbecue or are just hanging out with ...
Sugar-Free Margarita style
This skinny Margarita recipe is both sugar-free and as low-carb as it gets!  It tastes so great, you'll never go back, and your friends will never know you're actually serving them something healthier...
Creamy Pear
This instructable shows to make a cocktail with a floating cream top.  While drinking, sip the juice cocktail through the cream top.  The taste of this cocktail is like a nutty pear pudding, and becau...
Too Bloody Hot style
The key to this Bloody Mary variation is vodka infused with spicy peppers.  It lends a rounder, more unique flavor than just dashing in some hot sauce, and despite the title, it's not one of those con...
Instant Low Sugar Limoncello style
Through lucky experimentation I've discovered that drying / dehydrating citrus before infusing in vodka makes for a very quick limoncello (or other citrus-cello) that requires very little sugar. Who'...
Strawberry Juliet Mocktail style
Ingredients needed:Spritefresh strawberriesfresh gingerfresh mintfresh lemonice
Hibiscus Cooler (Jamaica Drink) style
Summer being here it is time for more cool drinks while you're hacking away at those summer projects. Everyone does Lemonade and Ice Tea (Boring!), so i decided to make the traditional mexican beverag...
I love hard lemonade. It's so sweet, and crisp, and bubbly. The only problem is on a hot summer day, if you're really thirsty, you chug a hard lemonade, and then you're really drunk. Well here is a re...
Hot Ginger-spiced Apple Cider  style
Still glowing from my previous ginger juice experiments, I took the cold weather as an opportunity to spice up the winter-time favorite hot apple cider.
Homemade Chai style
I got hooked on Chai when I was living in Calcutta. I make a double batch so I can keep the extra in the fridge and microwave it for my morning tea the next day. Buying the spices in bulk, and using t...
The Best Mulled Wine style
It being the festive season, I have decided to give you a little instruction into making the best Mulled Wine. I have always been complimented on my mulled wine and it's very simple.
Three Hot Drinks To Warm Your Toes and Cloud Your Brain style
Its a fact. Liquor is the best cure for winter blues and nothing helps it go down faster then a sweet hot drink. So here's three fun suggestions to drown out the common cold and warm you up from you...