Step 3: Brownie Dice, Brownie Tic Tac Toe Board, and Playing Card Fudge

Picture of Brownie Dice, Brownie Tic Tac Toe Board, and Playing Card Fudge
You'll Need:

2 - baked 8 inch brownies
1 cup white frosting
1 1/4 inch round cookie cutter
pastry bag or zip top bag
small heart, diamond, spade, and club cookie cutters

Place one of the 8 inch brownies on a serving dish. Frost it with white frosting, reserving a small amount of frosting for the tic tac toe board. Cut 3 rounds from the remaining brownie. Cut each of those rounds in half so you have 6 thinner rounds. Top the frosted brownie with the 6 round brownie pieces, arranging them in a dice pattern. 

Cut 9 small squares from the remaining brownie. Arrange on a plate in three rows of three. Fill pastry bag or zip top bag with the reserved white frosting. Snip off the tip and pipe X's and O's on the squares to create a tic tac toe board.

You'll have some scraps of brownies left, so enjoy a little snack. You know you want to!

Cut your fudge into small rectangles. On each piece of fudge, gently press one of the playing card shaped cutters into the top half of the fudge. Remove the cutter, just leaving an impression of the heart, diamond, spade, or club. Arrange fudge on a serving dish. 

Arrange your table with your desserts and some pieces from games. 

Have fun!
Really creative... I love the idea