Game Pieces of Jumanji





Introduction: Game Pieces of Jumanji

If you dare to play this game, you're playing in the most dangerous situation. The game is only for the braves.

If you're born before 90s, then you must cannot forget this movie - Jumanji. A successful sci-fi movie in 1995. These models are four chess pieces in the movie.

The print procedure is quite simple. This is the course teach you how to paint the archaized effect.

Step 1: Prepared Materials​

Step 2: Surfacer

Spray a basic surfacer for a better coloring bonding in 360 degree.

Step 3: Mix the Color

Then dilute Mr. Color and pour it into the sink of spray gun:

Step 4: Coloring

Equably spray the black metallics oil paint on the worked surface and dry it.

Step 5: Clear the Surface

Finally add some Mr. Super Clear to reduce the light refliction.

One piece is ready for the game. Others repeat the steps above, and choose a proper color you like. Some could use a sandpaper to polish to make them a faded effect!

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    For some reason I can´t slice from shapetizer. I'm the only one or there's anyone having the same problem?

    These are pretty cool! Did you design them, or where did you get the files for the pieces?

    Printing them on

    Do you have a direct link?
    That website doesn't have a search function...

    Thank you, you are a champion and a scholar <3