Need a game shelf that is just the right size for your console and games? This Instructable may be the solution. It is small enough to fit in a dorm and very easy to do. There is a hole on the side of the shelf that allows the tray to open freely. (Please note: Because of the thin size of the shelf it must be bolted to the wall to avoid risk of tipping.)

   Please vote "The Game Shelf" for the "Hurricane Lasers Contest". If I win, I would be able to burn designs and patterns onto the wood for a more custom look.

Step 1: Plans

     Here are the plans for the pieces. They are cut out of 3/4 inch pine planks from Home Depot. Print the images and use as a guide to cut out all of the pieces. The second plans gives one the measurements and quantity of the pieces. The first drawing shows how it should look once assembled. I place the left view on the right side.

     The hole on the side is measured for Xbox 360 Slim. For other stand up consoles (Wii, PlayStation 3, etc.) make the necessary changes. The console should fit snugly in the hole with the face flushed to the side of the shelf.

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