Game of Thrones Homemade Pinball Machine





Introduction: Game of Thrones Homemade Pinball Machine

Homemade game of thrones pinball. Made of MDF wood, and parts of galvanize metal. Fully mechanical.

First af all, sorry for my english, im from argentina and my native language is spanish, so I tried to explain the work more with images than in words.

Its not finished yet but its in the final phase. I had several problems with some pics due to phone problems, so there are many of them that are in low quality.

Later on Im going to upload more photos, with better details of how it works and also a gameplay.

The parts that are not completed are, "the wall", in the back right of the machine, and a system I´ll do that consist on start the game with a coin, also machanical and easy to make.

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Dimensions, Plans, System

The game consist in hit all the buttons to turn on all the lights. The buttons are set in the end of each way of the ramps, and in different parts of the board. The lights are six in total, and are shown in the general plan (2nd pic)

Step 2: Assemble Pieces

all parts are made of galavanize metal and wood, fixed to the board with screws and glue. Several parts were removed later, and replaced by new ones.

Step 3: Electrical

The circuit consist in six 10w spotlights, and six switches, connected to a 30 w transformer.

Make tiny holes in the board to pass the wires, and the switches fixed with screws. Made a wooden box to cointain the spotlights. All the circuits is hidden in the back and under the board. (pics 2 and 3)

I decided to put a Christmas string lights around the board. To make this put strips of wood, and make several holes to put the lights there. The string lights also are under the board and can be seen by several holes in the begining on the ramps and in some points to coincide with the design of the images.To make this, I make different shapes holes (traingles and circles) and then put a piece of transparent plastic in the top.(polycarbonate or some plastic from a bottle).

There is also a third circuit, consists on six Led lights, 2 in the bottom, 3 colored blue in the right and then 2 more in the right near the hinge, where the boat is set.

Step 4: Changing the Dimensions

At this point I decided to make the whole furniture, so add new parts of wood and assemble the machine to it.

Step 5: Adding the Rest of the Parts. Final Dimension.

Step 6: Design the Images

The design consist in several images that I download, making a callage with Photoshop and the symbols by corel. Each symbol has the banner of a different house on the series, and the button coincide with the same symbol in the fake screen. The game ends when all the symbols are on.

Step 7: Plot

To start plotting, i had to remove all the parts except the flipper system.
Paint it black, in parts that the images dont cover the machine.

Step 8: Details

After finishing plotting the images all over the machine and paint the rest of it, its time to make the details:

An extra wood in the front of the machine.

Make simbols and decorate the ramps and several parts. This was made with self-adhesive paper.

Step 9: Decorative Objects

Made the shape of the throne with cardboard and then cover it with nails. Then put 2 rivets to simulate 2 swords in the front. Then the throne is fixed to the semicircle made of wood and a part of metal, shown in general plan.


Made the shape with cardboard and covered by balsa wood sticks. More information in the pics.


made with cardboard and painted black. The windows has yellow cellophane paper, so the led lights in the interior can be seen.

Step 10: Video

This video shows the work and music on, note that the throne is an old one, made with pieces of plastic that later I replaced with the one with nails.

Step 11: Coin System

Just for fun , I made a system to start a game with a coin, like real pinballs. It works, inserting a coin and then pushing the screw. I replaced the spring in the plan, with a rubber band.

Step 12: Details and Videos. Gameplay.

Finally we made a logo, using metal, an change the rubber bands for stronger ones.



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    Very, very nice! I sure your build will inspire others to attempt a build rather it be from cardboard, Legos or an old discarded EM playfield. You show it can be done!

    Muy grosos los Camosis! Felicitaciones inviten un fichin!

    Awesome! You have my vote.

    My vote goes for you.

    Very nice work! I enjoy watching the build process and the big transformation with the artwork decals was amazing. Very inspiring! I hope I will have the time to build a game like this

    nice work dude! i saw your proyects before! i vote for u

    Wow! People still make them. I loved to play pinball when I was young. Too bad you hardly find them any more :-(

    I'm jealous!

    Bueno! Great job, that takes a great mind to put all that together!

    nice work..
    I have repaired Pinball machines fro many years.. even modded a few to a new theme.. but never went as far as building from scratch.

    Stupid auto correct... Mas de tus proyectos en el future

    Wow! What an incredible build! Espero que podemos ver mad de this protectors en el future!

    This is so impressive! I made a pinball game several years ago, but it was pretty lame. Yours is awesome!

    When it is fully completed, will you share a video of it in action? That would be great to see :)

    1 reply

    Thanks for your comment! recently uploaded a video that shows the work, but when its finished I'll share one playing it!