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Introduction: Game of Thrones: Iron Throne Cake

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The thing I love about this cake is that you don't have to be a professional baker to make it. I tried to come up with a simple way to decorate this cake so everyone can enjoy! I think all of Westeros would be proud!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies!

The Cake:
You will need 3 pre-baked 8inx8inx2in cakes in your choice of flavor.
Frosting in your choice of flavor.

For Decorating:
Fondant (I bought a 10lb box and had about 1-2lbs left after)
Black Food Coloring (The Wilton brand has the best color with the least flavor)
Silver Color Mist Sugar Spray (Again Wilton is the way to go. Note: I bought 2 cans as shown in the picture, but one ended up being plenty!)
20-25 Wooden skewers or large lollipop sticks.

Paring Knife
Rolling Pin
Frosting Spatula
Serrated Knife
Sturdy Cake Board or Pan to Prepare and Present Cake on. (Note: This cake does get heavy so plan accordingly!)
Gloves and Clean Hands!

This cake completed feeds about 15+ people depending on how big you make the slices.

Step 2: Building the Shape of the Cake!

So the first thing you are going to do is take one of your cakes and a serrated knife to cut with. Cut out the chair arms and back board from it as shown in my little design. There will be extra cake that you won't use. You can use this to snack on and say you were just "taste testing" or maybe make yourself a mini cake out of it. Up to you!

Step 3: Building the Shape of the Cake Pt. 2!

Now grab your other 2 cakes, frosting, and frosting spatula. Put one cake down as your first layer on the board or sheet and frost. Put the second cake on top of that for layer two and frost. Then place your arm and back board on top of those layers and frost. Feel free to use my design picture for consulting and as you can see in the other picture, that is what your end result should resemble.

Step 4: Making the Fondant!

Now it's time to color your fondant. You can do this as one giant lump or a few smaller lumps. Going the smaller lump route tends to be the less difficult route since it is easier to knead smaller portions. I separated my 10lbs of fondant into 3 portions then added 1 teaspoon of black food coloring gel to each portion and kneaded them until I got a smooth, even dark gray to charcoal coloring.

Step 5: Rolling Out the Fondant!

This was probably the step that required the most work! Rolling out your fondant!
Find yourself a good piece of counter top or other flat surface that has been thoroughly cleaned. You don't want your fondant picking up pieces of dirt! Then roll out enough to drape over your cake. (If you did my 3 portion method, just one of those should be enough.)
Don't worry about this piece looking perfect as it will just be the underlay of the decorations.

Step 6: Detailing Bottom Layer of Fondant.

Next, take your paring knife and cut jagged, pointy edges around the base of your cake/fondant.

Step 7: First Layer of Swords!

Roll out some more fondant, or your second portion. You will use this for the 2nd layer of fondant covering.
Again, take your paring knife and cut out 3 squares that are 8inchesx8inches in size and 1 that is 8 inchesx12inches in size. Use your paring knife to cut out various types of sword edges on each of these squares so it resembles my picture. Be sure not to fully cut the swords out, stop about a half inch near the edge so it's sort of like a curtain of pointy edges.

You will then take the three 8X8 squares and drape them over the sides and back of the chair. The seams will rest on the back of the chair and on each arm. Use the 8x12 cut out to drape from the back of the chair, over the seat of the chair. Arrange the various edges to cover up the seams on the arms. You can have fun arranging all the edges to cross over each other and such. Get creative. When all is done, the only visible seam left should be the one that was left by the 8X12 piece draped from the back of the chair. This will be covered later, don't worry about it.

Step 8: More Swords and Finishing Touches~

Now that you have the basic sword layers all arranged, it's time to add the finishing swords. Grab the last portion of fondant and your skewers/lollipop sticks. Be creative and mold various sizes and styles of swords on each skewer. You'll want to have some with the blade facing down and some with the blade facing up.

I apologize for not having pictures of the process. I sort of got consumed in forming these swords I forgot to take pictures. Hopefully the finale outcome is enough of a reference for you!

After forming these swords, stick them into the backboard making sure to cover the final seam. You can also use extra fondant to make other blades to lay across various areas of the cake you wish to add more edge too!

Lastly, grab your can of silver sugar spray and apply the finishing shine!

Step 9: The End Result!

Congrats, you have just finished making the Iron Throne, now prepare to consume and enjoy!

Note: I found a pink crown candle at Party City and painted it gold with sugar spray as well and placed it on the cake as seen in the picture. I thought it would be an adorable addition to the cake, as it was for a birthday.



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