Step 7: First Layer of Swords!

Picture of First Layer of Swords!
Sharon's B-day Cake 032 (640x480).jpg
Sharon's B-day Cake 033 (640x480).jpg
Roll out some more fondant, or your second portion. You will use this for the 2nd layer of fondant covering.
Again, take your paring knife and cut out 3 squares that are 8inchesx8inches in size and 1 that is 8 inchesx12inches in size. Use your paring knife to cut out various types of sword edges on each of these squares so it resembles my picture. Be sure not to fully cut the swords out, stop about a half inch near the edge so it's sort of like a curtain of pointy edges.

You will then take the three 8X8 squares and drape them over the sides and back of the chair. The seams will rest on the back of the chair and on each arm. Use the 8x12 cut out to drape from the back of the chair, over the seat of the chair. Arrange the various edges to cover up the seams on the arms. You can have fun arranging all the edges to cross over each other and such. Get creative. When all is done, the only visible seam left should be the one that was left by the 8X12 piece draped from the back of the chair. This will be covered later, don't worry about it.