Step 8: More Swords and finishing touches~

Picture of More Swords and finishing touches~
Now that you have the basic sword layers all arranged, it's time to add the finishing swords. Grab the last portion of fondant and your skewers/lollipop sticks. Be creative and mold various sizes and styles of swords on each skewer. You'll want to have some with the blade facing down and some with the blade facing up.

I apologize for not having pictures of the process. I sort of got consumed in forming these swords I forgot to take pictures. Hopefully the finale outcome is enough of a reference for you!

After forming these swords, stick them into the backboard making sure to cover the final seam. You can also use extra fondant to make other blades to lay across various areas of the cake you wish to add more edge too!

Lastly, grab your can of silver sugar spray and apply the finishing shine!