I'm a huge fan of Game of Thrones and the books that the show is based on, but my dad is the person who introduced me to it in the first place! He saw the Game of Robes I had made for myself and liked it so much that I decided to surprise him with one of his own! His favorite house is the Stark house, so I decided to make his robe in their colors (gray and white) and with a direwolf on it, the Stark family sigil.

I actually made this last summer, but I figured with the new season just starting, this would be a perfect time to post this project!

Step 1: Design and Make the Robe Pieces

I made this robe in a similar way to my Melisandre robe but since I already had a bathrobe to base my pattern on, this one was much simpler. I made a few changes to the original robe pattern, but kept the same basic shape. The robe I was basing my robe off of had very slumpy shoulders and the shoulder seam hit somewhere around the middle of the upper arm, which was fine for a robe around the house, but not fine for a robe as epic as this! I wanted the shoulders to fit more like a jacket, with the shoulder seams at the actual shoulders. To make this change, I had my dad try on the original robe and I used pins to mark a new line where I wanted the seam to fall on his shoulder. As you can see in the picture, this was several inches above the original seam. When cutting out the sleeves and body pieces, I followed the new, pinned line, instead of the original seam. Don't cut your original robe! Just cut underneath along that line. I used polar fleece, which is a pretty forgiving fabric.

I cut out the back piece first. I folded my fabric in half the long way and arranged the original robe also folded in half with the folded edges lined up and cut around it and a long the new shoulder seam line. I also increased the length but cutting several inches down from the bottom hem of the original robe.

To make the front pieces, I unfolded my big piece of fabric and the back piece I had cut out and put the back piece on top of the big piece of fabric. Since I wanted both front pieces to overlap with each other so it can wrap all the way around, I folded the back piece diagonally from the inside of one shoulder to the bottom hem of the opposite side. It's a little difficult to explain this, so I have it noted in the pictures as well. Make sure that these are mirror images of each other, especially if your fabric has a distinctly right and wrong side.

I cut out the sleeves in the same way as I cut out the sleeves for my Melisandre robe, by arranging them along a folded line and then cutting them out, making sure to cut out along the new shoulder seam. I also cut out pieces for belt loops and the sash, at this point, in the same way as the first robe.

<p>This is GOOD!</p>
<p>Thank you! I have some other sewing projects in the works, so stay tuned :)</p>
<p>Great instructable I love game of thrones, Must confess I'm a fan of house Lanister though but this is well cool, Thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>Well, that's the great thing about making your own! Just use red and gold instead of gray and white and put a lion on the back instead of a wolf :)</p>
<p>XD my friend would absolutely love one of these, if it wasn't for the fact he was so lazy he could make one... Cool Instrutable by the way.</p>
<p>Thanks! Your friend could easily start out with a bathrobe already made and just attach a collar and paint a sigil on the back if he wanted to make one but didn't want to do as much sewing. I'm just an over achiever, I guess, haha.</p>
<p>XD if only he wasn't so lazy...</p>
<p>Oh well! At least if he ever decides he must have one, this tutorial is here for him :)</p>
<p>I'll be sure to show him, thanks. </p>
<p>this is fantastic!!... great job... i am also a fan..</p>
<p>Thanks! It's a great show, isn't it!</p>
<p>Hey I remember this! Looks great :)</p>
<p>Thanks! It took me forever to get around to writing it up! I still want to get some better pictures of it, at some point, too.</p>

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