Game of Thrones themed toilet roll holder

Picture of Game of Thrones themed toilet roll holder
Got this idea when the wife was finishing redecorating the bathroom. It was so squicky-clean and boring ! Anyway, there are several novelty ideas to stash your entire toilet roll supply in the toiletroom. Now I'm also a big Game of Throne fan, so I mixed a few ideas together and created this.
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Step 1:

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The original toilet roll holder

Step 2:

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Used some weed-brush-handles, very cheap.

Step 3:

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Made a base from old timber, roughened it up a bit and torched it with a paint-stripper. Pegs from concrete-iron.

Step 4:

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First peg is straight up 90 degrees, then 2 x 15 degrees and outer pegs 2 x 30 degrees. Guessed the lengths to be a bit sloping. Also torched the pegs to a crispy haselnut brown.

Step 5:

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Got some toy swords and a shield, with a tyrep loosely around the tip of the pegs.

Step 6:

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Now all I need to do is to explain/show my wife what "Game of Thrones" is .......   :-)

Step 7:

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And there it is now. I have to add one more handle to the top-peg, but that will be in the near future. ( gotta be bigger and better, don't you agree? ) :-)
OMG I could never think of anything like this in my entire life. You are awesome. Thank you so much for sharing :).
This is crazy awesome! I think it would look even better if you put your second to last image first!