Picture of Game-opoly: Designing & Building your own Board Game
Game-opoly is the Ultimate design project. Coming up with your own game certainly isn't rocket science, but it's harder than you think. What's the catch? The game has to be FUN to play.

We've all had the experience of playing a game that brought us hours of enjoyment. These days, board games seem to have taken a back seat to video games and the internet. I'm not saying that video games are a bad thing. I certainly played my fair share in high school. I'm suggesting that we take a closer look at board games. This project is the perfect way to do that.

Learning Outcomes:
  1. By researching and preparing a presentation about board games, students will develop and improve 21st century presentation skills.
  2. By executing design concepts on the computer, students will develop and explore graphic design techniques using Adobe PS and Illustrator.

Using the project sheet below, work your way through the GAME-OPOLY project. Start at GO. Remember.... if you do the work, you'll pass go. Aim for 100%. It is possible.

Step 1: Research & Present

Picture of Research & Present
Ghost-129853 years ago
Thanks! Needed this for a school project! Positive A now!