Step 7: Build the Box

Here are the steps for building your box:

  1. Print out your good copy of the box.
  2. Peel a sheet of DRYTAC laminate film and place it carefully over your design. Try to avoid dust and air bubbles.
  3. Let the heat press heat up to approximately 80 degrees.
  4. Make sure to put a piece of transfer paper on top of the laminate film.
  5. Clamp your box design in the heat press for approximately 15 seconds.
  1. Disassemble your box and lay it flat on the table.
  2. Spray the top side of your box and the back side of your box design with spray adhesive. 
  3. Wait for a minute and then stick the two sides together. You only get ONE chance, so make sure it's lined up properly.
  4. Trim the excess paper with an x-acto knife and reassemble your box.
* IMPORTANT - I  will help you with the above steps so that we don't have to re-print your designs.