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Introduction: GameBoy CD Player

Build a CD player with an old GameBoy, an ATAPI drive and some electronics. The CD player it's a kind of game cartridge to play CD. This is the final version, plug it to a GameBoy and listen to music!

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Step 1: Get a GameBoy!

First of all we will need some things:

-A GameBoy to show track information and control the playing.

-A GameBoy cartridge: we will need it to interface the GameBoy to a board.

-An ATAPI drive to play the CD.

-A 12v-5v power supply.

-An interface board: we can find it at . Go to Hardware section and build the schematics. We will talk about later.

Step 2: Let's Make a Cartridge!

We need to wire the GameBoy pins to a board. We can open it, but we prefer to preserve the GameBoy to play our favourite games. So let's make an adaptor cartridge. Get a boring game and open it with a screwdriver, be careful not to broke the board inside.Well Prince of Persia was not boring but I had no one else.

Step 3: Cutting the Inside Chips.

We see some chips, the game program and some interface chips. We need to remove it, so let's use a cutter to cut it. We could use a soldering iron but that would wear away the board.

Step 4: Wiring the Cartridge

Get a ribbon cable and solder it to the board following a logical order, I mean, the pin 1 of the cartridge to the pin 1 of the ribbon cable. I used an IDE cable as a ribbon cable.Follow the pins paths to get a termination solder point,it's easier and better(then you can close the cartrigde).Check for shortcircuits when you finish. If it's all ok, fix the cable to the board with glue.

Step 5: Cutting the Plastic Case.

In order to put the cartridge inside we need to cut the plastic box. Use a cutter or a tool you consider better.

Step 6: Building the Board

I will not cover the board construction process, but i will put the schematics and some comments. I've made modular schematics, you must interconnect them to have the complete board.Axx , Dxx and /RD,/WR,RESET signals come from the GameBoy cartridge.GND and +5V are common to the power supply,chips and GameBoy.You must burn the in the EPROM. Sorry it's in spanish I will translate it some day.

The schematics also are at

Step 7: Putting It All Together

This is the last step. We must put it all in a box to make it useful. You can use a wood box,plastic box or even a cardboard box!! With imagination all it's possible.You can see how it works at videos section of



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    It looks like the ship put into the Delorean in Back to the Future Part III !

    how about adding a schematic of the ide port on the cd drive?

    did anyone else notice the serial number on the POP game???the first 3 letters are OMG. Fitting i think considering its fate. lololol

    3 replies

    err, actually thats DMG, and its the model number. All the original US Game Boy games have DMG-xx-USA (where xx is the game, like Qix has QX) , just like the DS games say NTR-xxxx-USA, where something like Mario Kart says NTR-AMCE-USA or Metroid NTR-AMHE-USA

    opps lol looked like a O to me

    Yeah, that bit of dust/plastic shavings does make it look like an O. Had I not had a few of these carts i would have thought it was an O too :)

    Can someone make an 'ible on how to make the GBA SP into a video player? It's got good battery life, and a pretty good LCD as well!

    1 reply

    Theres a thing called the Game Boy Movie Player just for that. Its found more use as a storage device for DS homebrew, though >.>

    Can you modify it so you could but a link cable on it and have sound coming from the GB?

    very nice, doable project.
    What did you use to flash the chip?

    I'm thinking about recreating this, only with an atapi to SD adapter, and flash to chip to play the roms from the SD... that would be epic. Now for the code.. anyone that can help me with that?

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    7 replies

    PPL the ipod costs freakin 150$ for only a 4gb nano. That's freakin too much! I bought a sandisk for only like 100$, and no im not advertising

    One word.. Stupid.. Dfc, do you understand that this is Instructables, not Advertise apple overpriced products? Honestly .. try to use some grammar as well, this isn't aim. You know how much it costs for a 2 gb ipod? .. way too much.. XD.

    ahem...he's correct though,a nano 2 gb is way more portable and carries so much more dataload as to be a "why bother,but as an intellectual excersize". I have "only" 90 songs in my doesnt even register as IN there..tell me what CD/player contains 90 songs in a player I can stick with earbuds in a altoids tin,and charge off ANY USB port,including my Playstation2??

    yeah ps2 has usb ports. at least the fat does. but after the old ipods they have blockers so it will only chg with itunes or apple approved chargers

    YEAH APPLE SUCKS sorry i just had to

    he wasn't realy blatantly advertising apple products, he was just suggesting an improvement. that's pretty much what the comments are for. that said, it did seem a bit over the top to say the full range on ipods and how much more data they hold than a cd