Gameboy Advance Sp Airsoft Gun Case


Introduction: Gameboy Advance Sp Airsoft Gun Case

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A gun case from a game boy advance sp case. super simple.

Step 1: Prepair the Box

All you have to do is pull the bar pieces straight out and there you go.

Step 2: Getcha' Guns

I can fit 2 pistols several paper targets, a silencer, pack of bbs, trip mine, and a pair of safety glasses.



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    haha i have the same case and did the same exact thing. if you get some foam from another case it keeps the guns more stable inside

    i had one of these but then i got a new one for my DS i think its bigger

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    yah, but the reason i used this is because im probably never gunna use the sp any more

    I'll buy it off of you. I love SP's.

    Yeah I'm gonna use my DS one because I bought guitar hero on tour the week it came out and when I got to the last venue my touch screen quit working.

     get foam and cut into shape of  guns that way it want move

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    i have the same kind of case and im making one

    hey dude add sum foam and cut the gun shapes out and all the other stufff you have in the it will look great!

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    I did, but some times I switch the guns for different occasions so it won't work.

    yo thx i had the same case and i just took out the wood and put my two pistols in there and bb's

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    well, just get a cheap one and cut it out if you can find a cheap one !!!!!

    sorry, when I put the comment on, I must have clicked the cancel button instead. I do that alot

    what kind of pistols do you have