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Introduction: Gameboy Game Money Clip

Im going to apologize right now for my some of the pictures. They're hard to see because of my camera and the tiny things that I'm trying to show, that said, on to the instructable. Pretty straightforward, Gameboy game that is a money clip. This is my first instructable so lets see how it goes. Also this will fit in a shirt pocket.

Step 1: Equipment

What you'll need:
1)Gameboy game (one you don't care about cause this will ruin your game)
2)Money clip
3)Longnose pliers
4)Wire snips
5)Box cutter
6)Tin snips (if you don't have these I suspect a hacksaw would work to cut the money clip)
7)RUBBER CEMENT OR EPOXY (I didn't have this when I took the picture which is why it's not included)

Step 2: Taking It Apart

I found that the easiest way to do this is to widen the hole around to screw on the back to a size big enough to get either your snips or plier in far enough to get a grip on the screw.

Step 3: Nubs

Once you have it open the chip should come right out, then take your pliers and grab the nub in the middle of the inside and just twist them right off. Next shave off any protruding leftovers with the box cutter. Now that they

Step 4: Tearing Down the Walls

Now take the snips and cut some lines down the walls of the cartridge, BUT not to far. You don't have to cut the walls into sections but it just makes it easier to break off. Once you have the walls in sections use the pliers to snap them off. Only to this to the side walls on the bottom half and only the sides and lower wall on the top half.

In the first picture I'm pointing to the recieving end of the latch the holds the game shut with out the screw, also if you look at the outside of the side walls toward the top there are lines after you cut you should still be able to see the third line down from the top.

Step 5: Setting Up the Clip

Straighten out the money clip so it's at basically a 90 degree angle. Put the part the is the bottom of the clip (the curved part) on the game and let the other part hang straight down. Try to center it as much as possible then use the snips to make a cut THAT ONLY GOES ABOUT HALFWAY DOWN. Now take the cutter and make a line from the bottom of one of your cuts from the snips to the other. Keep making this deeper and eventually you can snap it off with the pliers. Now do basically the same thing on the top of the game but you dont have to measure this, just make it big enough. If you overshoot it no big deal

Step 6: Setting Up the Clip Part 2

Take your tin snips and cut the clip so that when you set it in the depression you made the bottoms are even.

Step 7: Gluing

I like to pour out a pool of contact cement and use a small screwdiver or a toothpick to spread it. TIP-Spread the glue everyhwere the top and bottom or the clip and plastic touch.

Step 8: FINIS!

There you go, you're done go out and see the world in a whole new way, impress your friends and enemies alike, and don't worry; you can thank me later.

(BTW-Finis is latin for those who were curious)



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    Really?! Pokemon Yellow is a game you don't care about? Maybe you should have found a sports game or something that was already broken to do this with. Otherwise nice instructables.

    0_0 You hated poekemon yeallow? It was great!

    Finis is NOT latin -_- It IS french, I am doing both latin and french GCSE, if you needed proof.

    1 reply

    Nice tutroial But even tho you may have not liked that game is worth quite a bit, i bought one for like 4bucks (Australian) and sold it on eBay last year for over $30! Still i like it, and being game boy color/original no one is going to want to steal it!

    pokemon! (gotta ctach 'em all) p.s. if you ask me i know its my destiny p.p.s. i'll teach you and you teach me POKEMO-ON gotta catch 'em all (gotta catch 'em all)

    you're just jokin about hating that game.

    so tat's where my favorite game went.....

    i love the baby stanley knife it looks so coot!! lol