Picture of Gameboy advanced USB drive
How to fit a USB drive in to an old Game boy advanced cartridge. For looks...
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Step 1: Gather Required Materials

Picture of Gather Required Materials
Pretty basic. You need:

1. Small screwdriver, it uses a triangle head but a small enough Philips or Flathead will work with a little pressure.

2. Gameboy cartridge, DONT USE A POKEMON GAME, its a waste :)

3. Razor blade, you can use a dremel, but I dont have one because im poor :/

4. and finally, A USB drive. Can be any size, i used a 2 GB

Step 2: Separate the halves of the USB drive

Picture of Separate the halves of the USB drive
photo 2_2.JPG
You can use the Flathead for this, you wont be needing the outside case so you can break it if necessary.

Step 3: Take the game cartridge apart

Picture of Take the game cartridge apart
photo 4_1.JPG
On the back there is one screw and once removed all that you have to do is slide the back up and off :)

Step 4: Start hacking away

Picture of Start hacking away
photo 3.JPG
photo 2_1.JPG
photo 4.JPG
I took the razor blade and cut about 6 groves along the section i was going to cut and broke them off with the screw driver. The Dremel would be optimal right now.

The cut part on the back side needs to be a little bigger so you can slide the two halves back together.

After that you can fit the USB snugly inside of the holes.

Step 5: Reassembly

Picture of Reassembly

Now all that is left is to reassemble it the opposite way you took it apart and your done :D

Step 6: Extras

Picture of Extras

Two things you can do is to take the sticker off as i have done, and find a way to make use of the slide mechanism that is on the original USB drive so that yours slides in and out of the game cartridge.
TXTCLA553 years ago
I made one of these a while back. I do recommend you use a Dremel or other rotary tool though, it makes cutting the case easier.
Super Mario USB.jpg