Introduction: Gameboy Using MSP430

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this is a gameboy developed by me, using msp430g2553, and 2 shift registers, 74595... it includes 8x8 led matrix, which is build on the board....
watch the video at....

Step 1: Material Needed

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for this you will need...
1] dotted pcb
2] 70 led [coloured]
3] MSP430G2553
4] 2x 74595 shift register
5] 2x DPDT switch
6] 4x micro switch
7] ic bases
8] potientiometer 4k7
9] decoupling capacitors [104]
10] on\off switch
11] 8x BC547
12] 8x 1k res.
13] 5x 10k res.
14] 4v battery
15] ti launchpad
16] ti Code Composer Studio

Step 2: Layout

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then you have to select the positioning of your 8x8 led matrix and all other components according to your PCB...

Step 3: Building the 8x8 Med Matrix

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you can get instructions how to build an LED matrix on many pages on the internet, here is the process, by which i made it....

Step 4: Making Connections

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its the hardest part of building the hardware, and you must be careful about making the exact same connections as i made, otherwise the code wont work on it, i have uploaded an eagle's schematic file, with the diagram which shows the essential connections which are to be made EXACTLY the same way...

some important connections of IC 74595


pin9-cascade data, pin 14 74595 or open if its the last IC in cascade

pin11-shift clock-pin7 msp

pin12-latch clock -pin 6 msp

pin13 - gnd-10k

pin14 - data - msp15 or 74595-pin9

pin15- data bit 0

Step 5: Burn the Code

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burn the code into MSP430G2553 by ti's launchpad....
here is its photo getting coded....i have attached the main file with it...

Step 6: Enjoy the Show :)

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just keep on playing untill you have a new idea to built something else ;) or maybe just a new game for this gameboy :)


StefanG10 (author)2016-02-05

hi again,can you tell me what value that liquid dielectric capacitor you used :)

kanikagupta (author)2015-06-12

Can u tell me something more about decoupling capacitor....why have u used it and its value??

Samartist (author)kanikagupta2015-06-13

you can use any thing between 200uF and 1000uF; and volts can be in between 10v-30v

kanikagupta (author)Samartist2015-06-13

Also From the schematic diagram, I could not understand the connections of DPDT switch and decoupling capacitor.

Samartist (author)kanikagupta2016-01-28

sorry to reply late.feel free to ask any questions...

This capacitor is used to filter any disturbances of voltage across the switches, to have clean 0/1 (0volt/5volt) values.

Check this link :

StefanG10 (author)2016-01-23

Hi again,sorry about so many q.but i have one more,you use 104 capacitors in your device,but on schematic i cant find this capacitors,can you tell me where should i put them in this schematic,i need it for my diplom project

Samartist (author)StefanG102016-01-28

sorry to reply late.feel free to ask any questions...

This capacitor is used to filter any disturbances of voltage across the switches, to have clean 0/1 (0volt/5volt) values.

Check this link :

StefanG10 (author)2016-01-18

Can you tell me in what program the schematic is draw?

Samartist (author)StefanG102016-01-18

the software is EAGLE 6.2.0.

StefanG10 (author)2015-10-26

Hi can you tell me what pcb do you used? how much cm hight and long?

Samartist (author)StefanG102015-11-17

i used prefboard/dotted pcb (

dimensions ~15cmx10cm

but you should use a bigger one, because its hard to make this circuit on such small board, you can use something like 20cmx15cm

Ebabneshi (author)2015-03-12

Hi, can i ask for the IAR code for this project? :) Thank You.

Samartist (author)Ebabneshi2015-06-13

sorry sir, i dont know about the IAR code...

the C program is in the 5th can download it from there...

Kante Tech (author)2013-05-27

Maybe you should include a video of a complete project or it in action

Samartist (author)Kante Tech2013-05-28

i hav uploaded it, see, its before the first step, there is a video named "MSP430 Gameboy.mp4"
if you cant see it, then just go to...

Kante Tech (author)Samartist2013-05-28

Oh thats weird the link wasnt showing for me, but thank you for providing another.,

Samartist (author)Kante Tech2013-05-28

well i changed it a bit after reading your comment, i thought it might be better to show it like a link...

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