This instructable will take you through the basic steps to create a pair of large scale sculptures in corrugated white plastic from 3D data extracted from the Medal of Honor first person shooter game.  The sculptures, shown completed here, are titled "Taliban Hands", as they are essentially recreations of the left and right hands of a pistol wielding "Opfor" fighter (a Taliban) extracted from MOH and made real. 

Step 1: Supplies!

For this build you will need:

-matt knife and extra blades
-straight edge/ruler
-a self-healing cutting board
-sharpie pens
-blue painter's tape
-corrugated plastic
-hot glue gun
-hot glue sticks
-bag balm (for the hot glue burns on your hands! ;-)
<p>that's very good... i want to make it not commercially </p>

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