Introduction: Gamorean Guard and Wife Couple Costumes

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built costume, nappy skirt, arms and legs

Step 1: Vest

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made out of pleasure stitched and glued together

Step 2:

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cowl added to mask

Step 3:

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nappy made with body of giant teddy bear and Mongolian sheep wool and shorts stuffed with poly fiber

Step 4: Arms and Legs

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closed cell EVA foam used a heat gun over dummy and stuffed nylon to form muscles, then painted with latex tinted paint
cut gauntlets and formed with heat gun marked and decorated then painted with metal spray paint.

Step 5:

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cut 5 wigs different colors and glued with fabric glue to mask after it was painted. made dress from scrap material and fabric glue
painted mask with latex tinted paint


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-11-01

Great costume!

Thank you sorry so long havent been on in awhile

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