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Introduction: Gandalf the Grey How-to

About: Hi everyone, my name is Cynthia, I am a craftnerd and I run the Youtube channel CraftGyver, where I post crafting and sewing videos. Fell free to come have a look and say hi ^_^

In this video I will show you how to make a Gandalf the Grey hat, you can use this pattern to make any witch or wizard hat.
I am putting all the information about the pattern pieces and what you need here in order to keep the video at an acceptable length.

Material: ( The amount of fabric needed will depend on the size of your hat )

- Medium to heavy woolly type fabric,
- Lining fabric,
- Heavy fuse or fusing,
- Pillow stuffing.

Pattern pieces:

- Outer layer:  1 cone piece,
                       2 brim pieces.
- Lining layer: 1 cone piece.
- Heavy fuse:  2 brim pieces,
                       1 cone piece ( will be attached to the outer layer )



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How much seam allowance are you including in the brim measurement? And does that include seam allowance for the inner part of the circle or does that need to be added? Otherwise really clear and I'm hoping to make it soon

Nice design and good, clear video.

Great tutorial and well explained, easy to follow video. Can't wait to try this when my wool felt gets in, thank you so much for sharing!

My little brother wants to be a wizard for halloween so this will help us a lot with his costume! Thanks!

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No worries, I am glad you like it ^-^

Thanks ^_^