Gangnam Style Costume #DIY





Introduction: Gangnam Style Costume #DIY

Halloween is coming and here's a costume idea to stay in tune with today's hottest song.

It's easy, original and perfect for matching your guy's PSY outfit and being the best dressed couple out there.

You will need:
- Chiffon fabric
- An undershirt
- Sequins fabric
- Leggings
- A candle
- Scissors

I hope you like it! And don't forget to come back with the best costume's prize!

Step 1: First Step

#1 Cut the undershirt at waist-height.
      Cortar la camisilla a la altura de la cintura para que quede como un top.

#2 Take two meters aprox. of chiffon fabric and cut it in half.
     Tomar aproximadamente dos metros de tul y cortar la tela a la mitad.

#3 Fold the two pieces in half and overlay them.
      Doblar los dos pedazos a la mitad y superponerlos.

#4 Cut a hole through them and sew them to the tank top (hold the two pieces of chiffon fabric with pins before sewing them).
      Hacer un orificio para luego añadir las telas al top. Fijar el tul al top con alfileres y coserlos.

#5 Burn the edges of the chiffon fabric so it won’t look frayed.
      Quemar los extremos del tul con una vela para que no queden deshilachados.

Step 2: Second Step

#1 Cut some leggings and turn them into shorts.
      Cortar una calza para convertirla en short.

#2 Take the sequins fabric and fold it in half.
     Tomar una tela con lentejuelas y doblarla a la mitad. 

#3 Put a loose shirt on top and cut the sequins fabric following the shirt’s shape.
      Poner una remera holgada encima y cortar la tela de con lentejuelas siguiendo la forma de la remera.

#4 Sew the edges of the sequins fabric.
      Unir los bordes de la tela de lentejuelas.



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    Love how you make everything so quick with minimum fuss :-)

    Love this!!!
    You always make such simple yet amazing looking outfits!

    That is awesome!  I just love how you can just sew together outfits like that :)