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Introduction: Gangsta Midget

Halloween costume that turned a lot of heads...



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    Please please please tell me how you cut the holes in the shoes.

    How did you get the boxes to "attach" to your legs?  Or did you just stand in one place all night?

    This is really clever! It doesn't look like you used real shoes though...if you can find a large enough pair of sneakers, maybe you could cut a hole in the heel large enough to fit a leg into. Otherwise, very convincing.

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    Thanks! These are actually a pair of old house shoes that I was able to cut holes through the heels and stick my legs through. I did have some red marks for a couple days though...

    Yeah, I can imagine. I suppose a really elaborate version of the false shoes would be to do what you did, but also cut the shoe in the back, from sole to top, and sew in some elastic. Just a thought, probably not worth doing though.

    That's a really good idea! I also like the fact you varied the look with different sized boxes. Very imaginative, but quite simple - Genius! \m/

    XD Actually this would be funny if you just stood still and hold a bowl full of candeh in your hand and jumped when they tried to take some...

    Wow! That's awesome! I'm actually making this for Halloween, but can you break the steps down a bit? Just post it as a comment that's responding to mine.

    I get the basics of it. The boxes that you're standing on are actually your feet. The place where your "feet" are are actually your knees.

    Can you tell me what you did with those shoes? Did you cut holes through them, or just put them down in front of your pants? Are they regualr sized shoes, or like midget shoes? Thanks! =]