Garage Door Opener with iphone (Arduino project)

Picture of Garage Door Opener with iphone (Arduino project)
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Step 1: Start project materials

Picture of Start project materials
What do I need to start?

The hardware requirements to start is:

*Note: where can I purchase the material  with all the components to build myself the system:

1.-) Arduino UNO with USB cable
2.-) Ethernet Shield Arduino
3.-) Relay (for arduino 5 V) 
4.-) Router Belkin (we recommend N150 or N300), also TPLink models( we recommend TL-WR740N). See TPLink model configutarion:
5.-) Arduino Case (optional, not necessary)

The software requirements to start is:

1.-) Arduino v0022 IDE you can download here:
2.-) Open Your Garage project firmware, called “openyourgarage_arduino.pde”, you can download here:
3.-) Open Your Garage vPRO iOS App.


1.-) Welder 25-30 W.
2.-) Cable for soldering connectors.

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Step 2: Upload the software to our Arduino UNO module

Picture of Upload the software to our Arduino UNO module
The first thing we must to do is to upload the software to our Arduino UNO module.

But before that we need to install Arduino IDE or application in our computer.
For that copy the Arduino application into the Applications folder (or elsewhere on your computer). You don't have any drivers to install. Skip ahead to the next step.

Launch Arduino application with double click.

For this purpose we run the software that you downloaded in step 1. Once run a screen as seen below. In the "Tools" tab we select our board which will be the Arduino Uno.

Step 3:

Picture of
Once selected the board Arduino Uno, let's load the firmware of the software that we insert in our module Arduino Uno. Select the file "openyourgarage_arduino.pde" that you downloaded in the software section and click Open.
hiimkyle1 year ago

Do you have to be on your home network in order to open and close the garage door?

Yes, since the IP address is hard coded to a address. Addresses starting with 192.168. are only for private networks. See RFC1918 for more information than you will probably ever need.

Should have built the app so you can specify an ip/hostname to connect to rather than hardcoding a private IP. Then people could easily connect the Arduino to their existing router, setup port forwarding, and control it from the internet if they desire.

hyd143 months ago

Could i use ENC28J60 Ethernet Module insted of W5100 Ethernet Sheild?

JasonB144 months ago

Here is an updated copy of this code using Arduino 1.6.1

AlexD155 months ago

I cannot find the app "open your garage" on the app store !

apadillaf (author)  AlexD155 months ago
Hi! Try here:

John9331 year ago

Seem to have a problem uploading the code to the Arduino UNO. I get an error for the client to be of abstract type "client". I am using 1.0.5 -r2 IDE. could not use the Arduino 0022 IDE,did not recognize the UNO board. I am I doing something wrong or is the code wrong? Appreciate any help with this.

Iam running windows 7 64bit and I had nor problems loading the examples in the IDE program 1.0.5 -r2 IDE.

apadillaf (author)  John9331 year ago
HI John.

If you don´t want continue have problems uploading the software to Arduino UNO you must use the Arduino v0022IDE, otherwise the errors will continue. The Arduino v0022IDE it´s 100% compatible with Arduino UNO. Please try again, if not run could be hardware error.

Thanks and report me.

I seem to be having the same issues, but i'm not sure how to get Arduino v0022IDE. that will run on windows. could you point me in the right direction?


To find the Arduino -0022 IDE go to the Arduino Home site to
downloads and find the link to old software and find Arduino - 0022 for
windows if that is what you have and download the zip file. You are
ready to go. I hope I did understand your question and explained it
right. I deleted the previous comment because it was incorrect. But this is where to get the IDE.

John M

John9331 year ago

I figured it out now.

Thanks for your reply.

John M

ddrichards1 year ago

Have you thought about integrating some sort of door sensor to report the status of the door?

katent1 year ago

This is an amazing system dude!

katent1 year ago

This is an amazing system dude!

VanRoekel112 years ago
Please modify the requirements for the router. The specific brand, Belkin or whatever, is irrelevant. The requirement is that the router must be configured with the gateway IP address
The iPhone app is hard-coded to look for the Arduino at through the gateway at
apadillaf (author)  VanRoekel112 years ago
Hi again,
We are working hard in the new update with the new incoming Arduino yún (with linux and wifi embedded) you will be able to setup the IP address.

VanRoekel112 years ago
The link to the pdf of the TPLink router configuration is broken. You must copy and paste it into address field in your browser.
apadillaf (author)  VanRoekel112 years ago
The link broken has been updated. Now it´s ok.

Thanks for your report.