Using simple materials of tarp and pvc piping it's easy to create a garage paint booth. Keeping your garage from overspray all of everything is important.

This isn't a high end booth by any means. It's just a way to keep paint from going everywhere.

I will leave it to the reader to take the correct precautions for your health. A small booth like this will quickly fill up with paint particles that do nasty things to your eyes, throat, lungs and nose!

Step 1: Gather the Materials

My garage is a double garage with an overhead garage door opener.
The distance between the outside track and the central power unit is somewhere around 10 ft. I didn't measure it. Make sure to measure the available room you have. It's possible to expand or contract the setup to fit whatever you have available in space.

(1) 18' 1/2 PVC pipe (mine was scrap)
6ft of 12 (or 14) gauge electrical wire (substitution will work, but I recommend this because it doesn't slip)
4 or more 3/4 PVC couplings
Clothes pins
Drill w/ bit sized bigger than the electrical wire.
(1) 10' x 25' tarp. 4mil is what I had on hand.
Additional tarp is required, but I had a scrap cut off from another project. It was roughly 16' x 10'

You should get yourself some kind or a makeshift exhaust system. A couple lengths of dryer hose with a couple of computer fans would do. they would not cause too much air movement but enough to clear the air inside the booth. Another suggestion is to heat bake the parts with one of those bathroom heat bulbs. I used to use one when I painted models and they can out rock hard. To tell the truth I would say a good heat baked paint job is almost as good as a powder coating.
Not a bad idea.. Would have to direct the duct work through a filter so I didn't paint the outside of the house. Thanks!
I'm looking to build a paint booth as well, be careful when choosing your fans because if you will be venting potentially flammable fumes you cannot use a conventional electric motor since solvent may deteriorate the copper windings and increase the risk of causing sparks, which could react dangerously with the fumes. <br><br>Look for brushless motor, induction motor or belt driven fan with external motor. To calculate air displacement (Based on NFPA ratings) , height of opening X width of opening X 100 CFM. (cubic feet per minute)
or use a good mask and goggles
thanks i have to paint some parts for my bike (the 30 year old paint job is pretty sad ant the chrome on some arts is shot
Niiiice. Will do!
Very smart!!
I'm totally going to do this one day when I have a pneumatic painter gun and compressor, so good work.
Very nice idea! I've been wanting to paint a bike for my kid for awhile but didn't want to get overspray all over the finished garage walls. This is perfect!
Awesome! Glad it sounds like it will work. With a bike, you may want to separate the top poles a bit more and maybe use more than one tarp/sheeting to give you some room. In thinking about it, another pole (three total) could allow this to be very wide.

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