Step 5: Hang the Tarp

Picture of Hang the Tarp
My tarp was 10' x 25'.

I unwrapped the tarp in the garage so that the full 10' was exposed with the 25' wrapped back on itself. I slid the wrapped edge up to the 'booth' setup and pulled the folded half over the two pipes.
It's important you don't use the pipes as a fulcrum to pull the tarp over. Guide the tarp over the pipes by lifting on one side and pulling on the other.

This part sort of sucks, fighting with tarps is something I hate to do.

You want to pull enough so that you can create a rectangle with the booth.

Assuming that you have the tarp loading from the left side of the booth, you should have a left wall, roof, right wall, and then a floor. The floor should be the right wall folded back. In addition the left wall should have the remainder of the tarp spread out into the garage.