Garage Storage From the Laundry Room





Introduction: Garage Storage From the Laundry Room

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Organize small garage hardware by using empty laundry detergent bottles. The sturdy handle and solid construction makes an ideal storage container!

Step 1: Rinse Out a Detergent Bottle and Trim Off Spout

Step 2: Identify Contents

Step 3: Fill and Arrange on a Shelf



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    I use a lot of oil, so I made these bolt and screw containers out of 1 qt. oil containers. I also use the lid end for handle. On the right side is hanging a pan I made to pour the parts into to find the one I am looking for.

    Bolt & Screw Storage.jpg
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    Very smart! The 1 qt size containers are ideal for the small items and the sorting pan makes it so much easier to pick thru and find what you need

    Thanks kcli, it would look nicer if all were the same like gurobuzz's. I washed out the containers, then cut the sides off of them with a radial arm saw so they would all be the same size. It's 20 years old, but still very handy and useful. At 76, I am too old to make another for an instructable.

    My garage is color themed red and black so I used Folgers coffee cans to solve my nuts and bolts problem and it accentuates the garage colors 


    My garage is color themed red and black so I used Folgers coffee cans to solve my nuts and bolts problem and it accentuates the garage colors 

    To get your collection started - go to a recycling center and snag a bunch in your desired colors. Since it was soap, you don't really need to worry about them being 'clean.' A quick rinse and you are ready to organize. What a capital idea, by the way, I will use it this summer. Thanks!

    haha At least you have your re-use containers labeled! My grandma used to do the same thing with 'I can't believe it's not butter' containers. I loving called this 'butterware'. The only problem is that you could never find the real butter in the fridge. You'd spend 10 minutes opening different containers to find the right one. : p

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    omg what a terrific idea!! I was just at the milk jug organizer rack idea and was going to comment to the person who suggested using laundry soap containers since they already have color to hide the items inside and are sturdier than milk jugs - and bam! here is the idea.

    Smart idea....I've always hated throwing those away.

    Oh, one more comment ... I really appreciate how your green idea promotes even MORE green: 1) Reuse of things that would otherwise get tossed into landfill (note the scraps of cording/wire) 2) Saving $$$ by not having to buy a scrap of cording/wire since it's easy to find and very accessible 3) Minimizing contribution to greenhouse gases by not reving up the car to run to Home Depot for that scrap of cording/wire needed to assist in completing a project Congrats on being so organized and sharing with an EFFECTIVE visual!