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Introduction: Garage Work Table/Bench

Here is a slideshow of the work bench I build last summer.



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    I wasn't used to the slide show of the instructable at first but as I really started to look at it I didn't need any more information then what was there. This bench is awesome. I planned on building my own for the last two months and finally I purchased some lumber and started cutting things down to size. I wanted mine to have storage for power tools as well as hand tools. One side of my 4' x 4' workbench has a table saw built flush with the top. Underneath the opposite I have storage for my 10" sliding Miter Saw, 2-gallon Air Compressor, and 6" Bench Grinder. I'm still working on it. Next I want to incorporate an electrical system and more hand tool storage, there's only one pegboard section currently. The other modification I put on mine was casters. Big old 4 inchers. Now I can wheel it any where I need to or leave in the corner as a nice work platform. Thanks for the instructable, I needed this inspiration to get me started on my project.

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    sounds like a nice bench you're creating. Post some pictures. I'd like to see it.

    I took a couple of pics but it still needs the electrical system. I love this idea. It does so much more then a regular work bench, thanks again for the inspiration.


    I really love the idea of integrating your table saw with the portable bench. I need to build my own soon. Could you provide the measurements you used? An Instructable would be even better! Both of these bench ideas are great.

    Thanks for the comments. I was thinking about making an instructable for it but I didn't take pictures of the process, maybe I'll just have to be creative with an alternative form; perhaps a virtual construction process. I was trying to be as economical as possible when I made it, basically shaping the entire bench around the top. 1 sheet of 4' x 8' 1/2" OSB. I made it a torsion box construction and it holds up well. This Christmas I got a Bosch Router that I'm going to turn the "outfeed" side of the table into a router table with removable inserts. Then I can use it as a router table and install a jig saw onto another insert, upside down, and have a type of a scroll saw. All built into one unit.

    To be honest, a table with a table saw + router is what I'm really looking to build. I just haven't seen one I like yet. This one ( ) looks interesting, but I'm not sure how the "buy a plan" ones are.

    That one is from Shopnotes magazine and I always enjoy the stuff they build. They are really good about giving clear measurements and good pictures of the process. It's too bad they don't have a better cataloging system for all their builds, they have a lot of good ones. I'm a big proponent of using google sketchup to design my projects, mainly because I'm cheap and can't afford to pay for the plans. I just design it in Sketchup and build it. I'm going to start building the router table "insert" later today, I've got to build it in stages. First stage is building the basic structure. Second is filling in the structure with shelving and dust collection. Lastly is to put in doors and add in bit and jig storage. Shopnotes has a shop built router table lift in a recent magazine, I think from last year, I'm contemplating building once the table is installed.

    Thanks for the pictures. Your bench looks pretty functional and it's easy to get to all the tools on each side. I like how you integrated the table saw into the top. I was wondering if you had any problems with it rolling around while you're working or do you have a way to put the brakes on the wheels so it doesn't move... particularly if your sliding a big sheet of plywood through the table saw you wouldn't want it to move. I've really enjoyed having the electrical sockets on each side of my bench. Makes it easy since a lot of my older tools still have to be plugged in (as opposed to battery power). Good work. Looks like you have a control panel or something on one side with 5 switches... what is that for?

    I was originally going to get four wheels that swivel 360 degrees but then opted for the front two only. The two that are on the side of the table saw are fixed adding stability when in use. The other two have swivels and they have brakes. I know that normally those wheels brakes aren't sufficient but these are. The bench is heavy enough that it takes a little bit of effort to move it, so ripping a sheet of plywood isn't enough to move it around. I love using electric - plug-in tools hence the reason I also want to have an electrical system throughout the unit. I'll get to it soon but other projects are in the works as well. Also that panel isn't actually a panel, it's a block of 2 x 4 with holes drilled into it to hold some pencils. Sorry, to disappoint but its just a simple way for me not to lose my pencils.

    ah a pencil holder... good idea! I have a cup hanging from one of the peg boards that hold pencils... I think I need to put one on all four sides though because I find that every time I need a pencil its on the opposite side of the bench.

    Your picture slideshow and captions made a very good presentation of your workbench. People that are into woodworking will have no problem understanding how you build it. Maybe if you would give some more detailed text for the novice in woodworking, that could have made it an excellent instructable for them.
    Great show!

    nice bench. Its always fun to build something yourself.

    That looks really nice!