** Have your ever drove out of your garage and after few minutes into your drive, feared you did not close the door?

** What if you did really leave the door open?
The garage door might close itself after few minutes, but that means your home's security has been compromised!

** Did you ever feel the need to check the status of your garage door maybe from your office?

>> This project offers a solution to all those problems!

This Raspberry-Pi based Garage door opener is capable of controlling of your garage door which enables you to open/close the door when desired, and lets you monitor the status to report back if the door is opened or closed at that moment.
An intuitive User-Interface lets the user to control and monitor the garage door through the Internet and thus giving access to the door from anywhere in the world!

This instructable article describes the step by step approach.

Step 1: Design Hardware

Step 1: Design hardware that can control and monitor the status of the door.

Things you need:

> A raspberry-Pi, enabled with Wi-Fi (preferably) or ethernet 
> single strand wires
> magnets
> A USB power supply of at least 1A output capacity to drive the raspberry-pi
> Things to make the custom PCB listed in the BOM

Check the BOM.txt file attached for the detailed Bill Of Materials

Things I assume you already have or intend to have:

A simple garage door system operated with a remote. Ex: Lift Master

The schematic designed is shown below. 
Hover over to see the descriptions for each block.

I used Eagle CAD to design the circuit. Download the .sch for the schematic

<p>Small question. Where in zip file other files ?</p>
<p>Hi eong2,</p><p>I have uploaded only one zip file containing required software file in step 5.</p><p>all other files are uploaded separately as required in respective steps.</p><p>I have not uploaded any zip file that contains all the necessary files from this instructable. </p>
<p>Have to ask why not? Please either post complete tested guides or it's really ot worth the frustration</p>
Hi.<br><br>Can you send all files ? seston@gmail.com . I want open and close my greenhouse windows manually .<br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GMQv-e6JCI<br><br>Best regards
<p>Awesome tutorial, I'm using this as the basis for my garage door opener project. I would definitely appreciate a detailed explanation of the software. For example, how would you implement updating the door status icon automatically rather than pressing a button to update status?</p>
<p>Hi there this may be a dumb question but for a newbie it will mean a lot,how can i copy all these files into the /var/www it doesn't let me do it i even use de &quot;sudo cp&quot; command and it says &quot;error&quot; can someone tell me a little step by step,please?</p><p>thank you all</p>
<p>Can I also ask java data complete?</p><p>please help me</p>
<p>please my email fatchulhidayat9@gmail.com</p>
<p>Awesome Job, and great documentation!</p>
<p>Thanks for the feedback!</p>

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