Picture of Garbage Bag Ghosts
These cute little ghosts can be quickly and easily made with just a few household items.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1 white kitchen garbage bag / bin liner
4-5 white plastic shopping bags
black permanent marker
chopstick or other long, sharp tool  (a large nail will do)
(optional) string or twine

You will be able to make two ghosts from each garbage bag.
pclarke21 year ago
Just spent the evening making lots of these with my kids, quick very easy and puts a big smile on their faces.

Plenty more to make tomorrow ready for the big creepy party were having.

Screamo4 years ago
Also, get 2 pieces of kleenex and tie it over alollipop :)
Pamela (author)  Screamo3 years ago
That's a good idea for treat bags or Trick or Treaters.
gUmMy_BeAr3 years ago
i am soooo going to hang these up everywhere
Pamela (author)  gUmMy_BeAr3 years ago
I made a few more and hung them from the trees in the front yard, but I think I we need more!
I just love these! on Friday i made two and put them on my door! Great Job!
Pamela (author)  craftycat7213 years ago
Thank you!
Cute ghosts and good idea. They are really effective when there are a LOT of them hung on the path through our little forest. I've made these from old white sheets torn into squares, but your plastic version would probably light up better at night.
Pamela (author)  CuriousTangles3 years ago
I don't know if they'd light up better, but since the plastic is lighter than fabric, they flutter really well in the breeze. I'd love to see a ton of these little ghosts hung along a forest path. That must look awesome.
those are very cool and so simple.
leeski4 years ago
This is perfect. I was walking around my neighborhood this morning and noticed similar one. This will be a fun projects with the kids today! Thanks. Lee
Pamela (author)  leeski4 years ago
I hope you and your kids have fun making some!