Step 10: Bake!

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I formed little round loaves, pulled on a fire glove, set a loaf on the glove, sprinkled the loaf with a little water, and slapped the loaf on the side of the pot. After a few minutes I pulled the baked loaf off the pot with long tongs. The loaves are turning out ugly so far, but I imagine I'll get there with time. Yum!
ravvip06 years ago
Hi Fritz, a few things you could try which I've learnt from my dad (he's been in the indian restaurant business for a while) - he uses mallee stump charcoal, but can uses hardwood charcoal like you did in a pinch, the briquettes have some odd chemicals in them which is why things taste funny - also to make your naan breads easier to put on and take off my dad used to make a sugar water solution, soak a towel in it, then spin the towel around inside the oven (which is usually bigger than a pot) so you could could just smear sugar water on the pot, do this a couple of times and you will build up a layer of carbon around the clay (the same idea as a wok) hope this helps your naan!
That's a great tip about the sugar water!
yeah well that style of cooking is pretty old, you'd hope they'd have a good system by now :P
colinhorton6 years ago
Hardwood charcoal will burn hotter than briquettes and doesn't contain mineralized carbon (coal) as most briquettes do.
fritz.bogott (author)  colinhorton6 years ago
Got it. Thanks!
ferrous6 years ago
You should probably know that you should completely burn off the galvanization from the can before you actually cook in it. If you see that thick, curling white smoke coming from the galvanised parts, don't inhale it! It's poison. This is why welders dont like to work with galvanised metal, and neither should cooks ;)
fritz.bogott (author)  ferrous6 years ago
Yes, I know. The way I built it, the galvanized can does not get above 100DegF because of all the insulation.
wolflore6 years ago
This is a great instructable. When I have the space I will give this a go with a big old clay chimney pot. Does the 3" hole at the bottom just aid in the draw of air? In the UK we have some nice garden furnaces - see link. I wonder if these would aid the whole process?


Thanks a lot!