Garbage Body Prank





Introduction: Garbage Body Prank

Prank your garbage man with a fake body, sure to scare the pants off the whole neighborhood!

Packing your garbage into the shape of a body, complete with binding rope, then leaving on the curb alongside your garbage bins is really not advised.

It's only garbage, but there's a very real risk of this prank being taken seriously. Don't recreate this prank. Do not leave garbage body unattended, and always let inquisitive folk in on the joke.

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

2 large black garbage bags and a length of thick rope

Step 2: Empty Trash As Normal

Collect garbage and put into large bag. You'll need both bags about 3/4 full. Almost any garbage will work, but soft garbage without any sharp edges or corners works best.

Step 3: Join Bags

Feed the opening of one bag into the other. They'll want to slip apart, so you might need to use a stapler to join the two openings and prevent them from separating.

Step 4: Lie Flat

Lie combined garbage bags flat on ground and massage into an oblong shape.

Wind rope around garbage bags in select locations to give the appearance of a body, paying special attention to tapering the body around the legs and keeping a spherical shape for the head.

Step 5: Continue Winding

Bind the body with the rope until you have a body like shape

Step 6: Leave at Neighbor's

This prank is best pulled off close to home. Leave this garbage body outside your neighbor's place on garbage day and sneak off to watch the havoc unfold from behind the bushes. When the panic starts, it's time to reveal the prank.

Of course, this prank is meant to be fun and not harmful. Make sure to confront the garbage pickup worker before they call the police and let them in on the joke! Or, instead of actually doing the prank, just show them this project and laugh at what could have been done.

Happy pranksgiving!



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    HUMMM we have a truck that uses the arm to pick the trash up right!!!! so today 2/14/2017 is trash day and i was sitting on my grass watching our garbage guy and guess what he does?????????????? he picked the garbage can up and brought it down and then went fast with the truck and made the truck hit the trash cans and it made the trash cans go in my grass. he does not do it on accident its on purrpes because he did it to my nearbos and it BREAKS THE CANS... am very upset becouse we just got a new can so this prank would be nice i think as PAY BACK LOL

    I want to do this and try to get someone help put it in the dumpster.

    Haha! This is amazing! I love this! Brilliant idea!

    I am having a Halloween party and will be decorating my bathroom with a bloody shower curtain and a towel with bloody handprints on it. I want to create this dummy and put in bathtub so that nosy guests that like to look where they shouldn't can get a good scare. this would be a great prop.

    great idea and funny.... but I am sure that some authorities will find some rule to get down on the prankster.
    Overhere some prankster dressed up as an insane clown and scare dpeople.... he got 80 hrs community service..... mind you, that is what someone got as well for killing someone with his car while driving to fast with an already revoked license.

    Authorities have no sense of humour. Yet, I may pull this prank anyway... now if i only avoid leaving prints and DNA and plant someone elses DNA on it :-)

    Great idea for decorating on Halloween but how funny is it going to be when the cops get called? They tend to get a bit cranky..

    4 replies

    I say who cares, cops need to loosen up a bit these days anyway.

    Awesome joke.

    Around here, it could get you charged with 'mischief' and leave you with a criminal record.

    I know, and of course you're right. My irresponsible inner child slipped out for just a second when I saw this prank. It would be kinda funny.


    If only april fools fell on bin day, give the bin men a surprise :)

    Looking forward to halloween!!!!

    Well done.

    Hilarious, and just in time for April 1!